25 September 2020

Free for All Friday No. 620 by Nan

In addition to recording appointments in my Filofax, I use an electronic calendar because it has the advantage of letting me set reminders. I'm much less likely to miss something if I get an alert (or three) on my phone and watch. How do you give yourself advance warnings if you don't use an app? For me, I would use jot pads or sticky notes and place them in advance of the appointment or deadline. Filofax sells jot pads, which have holes so you can place them between pages, but I just make my own by cutting pieces of colored paper and punching holes. What's your solution? Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion of ring-bound planners is welcome!


  1. I use wallet cards that I call tickler cards after David Allen's GTD idea for tickler files. I have just used my label maker to make one this morning oddly enough, saying Get your influenza jab.... in huge capital letters!! The idea is similar to a jot pad but on pretty cards. A rather important tickler as I am diabetic and apparently 'flu, diabetes and Covid 19 together could be a pretty dangereux combination!! Stay safe y'all and keep Philofaxying away. xxxx

  2. I often write reminders on a daily page for something I need to do the following day or in a few days. I don't reliably look at my planner first thing in the morning and so often if there is something I need to do before work it is best to write a reminder one or more days before that date to make sure I see it the night before.

    Of course, nothing is perfect. I need to keep my work stuff in Outlook so I end up duplicating my calendar, which is a bother. But if I don't write it into my planner page then I stop using my planner altogether and chaos ensues. What generally works for me is to treat my work outlook calendar as the master, and on a weekly basis I transfer my appointments into my filofax. Lately things have been changing frequently enough that it's best to do this on a daily basis, which is a bother.

    My old big boss kept all her time planning in one of those hairdresser appointment books, which have the day broken out into 15 minute increments on 8.5x11 pages, spiral bound. She did not use Outlook calendar at all. If you wanted to make an appointment with her, you needed to ask her. I think this is the height of class and time-management privilege and I long to get to a place professionally where I can do this. I function best when I keep everything in one place, on paper. The lack of pinging reminders forces me to keep a close eye on my planner which makes it work all the better!