17 September 2020

Moterm Update - Bigger rings in the Versa and additional pen loops

Following on from my recent purchase of a Moterm Versa organiser.  I mentioned in my review that I had ordered some larger 30mm rings to see if they would work in the Moterm Versa, which as default comes with 25 mm rings.

The rings are very easy to install, it was just a case of waiting for them to arrive and making a quick swap.

It is very simple to change them, just get a medium size flat blade screwdriver and undo both slot headed nuts by turning them anti-clockwise. Take out the old rings. Line up the new rings on the bolts and reattach the slot headed nuts and tighten them up by turning clockwise in the conventional way.

This is what the underneath size of the rings look like, no surprises really. They come out as a complete unit, you can't take they apart any further without reverting to bending metal! They aren't the highest quality I've seen, but certainly not the lowest quality by a long way.

With the 30 mm rings installed, I wanted to see if the cover was wide enough to take the bigger rings without any overhang of the tabs on the outer edge of the organiser.

No over hang, with 30 mm rings, this is with my normal Filofax Personal size inserts and dividers with side tabs installed on the rings.

Yes it will be even more 'chunky' than before!! but they work, this adds to the flexibility of this particular organiser, especially as the rings can be quickly swapped out if required back to the smaller size.

See the Moterm AliExpress page for all of their ring mechanisms.

Moterm also recently announced some new accessories.

Some pen loops that slide on to the clasp of an organiser or notebook cover.

The photos below shows the outside in leather and on the inside are the two elasticated loops. The vertical loop being part of the leather outer part that goes on to the clasp. With a horizontal elastic loop to hold the pen.

That sounds complicated I know....

Here is one slid on to the clasp with a pen added.

They come in sets of three, small, medium and large, but when you order you can change your order if you wish.

I picked two large and one medium. The photo below shows the medium and large, they are available in the various Moterm leather colours, in my case black will also work with other brands of organiser with similar size clasps.

With the clasp snapped shut the pen loop sits neatly on the clasp with the pen located just outside the border of the organiser.

Adding two of the large pen loops to my Moterm Versa clasp works! I managed to add the medium one as well, but it is a very tight fit and you have to use the other extended clasp popper with three on the clasp, so I settled for two on the clasp.

With the pen loop on the flyleaf and the pen slot in the outer jacket spine that would give you four places for carrying pens of different sizes, would you need that many? I know I wouldn't need that many!

I think it is a neat way of adding another pen loop without taking up more space on the rings and it would work with other brands of organisers as well.

You will find full details on the Moterm AliExpress page.


  1. Wow this pen loop looks like a really useful invention. I'm intrigued :) Thank you for mentoning it, I haven't visited moterm store for ages.

    1. Yes they are quite neat, I'm surprised I've not seen anything like them before.

  2. hi! is possible to have somewhere a photo with a medium inserted on the clasp of the personal size one? to see how much is tight.

    1. Hi
      I only have the Versa, I don’t have a normal personal size Moterm. Or are you thinking of another brand?

    2. Hi
      I only have the Versa, I don’t have a normal personal size Moterm. Or are you thinking of another brand?