12 October 2020

Filofax Free-Form Time Management - Part 2 Inserts

Following on from last weeks post about the Filofax Free-Form Time Management Guide there were several pages in the guide devoted to the different inserts you could use and how they were intended to be used. 

I am now sharing the scans of those inserts, all sadly no longer available from Filofax. Each insert is personal size and I have scanned the front and then the reverse sides of each one although a few are the same on both sides. 

You will find higher resolution versions of these scanned pages on our dedicated catalogue site here.

The content of these images are copyright Filofax Letts Group and they are reproduced here with their permission for education, research and non-commercial use only.


  1. So interesting Steve. Thank you for all this work you've done here.

  2. Thank you very much for these Steve, I've downloaded some which will be useful from the catalogue site.