08 October 2020

Filofax Guide to Free-Form Time Management - Part 1

In the 1980's Filofax did an excellent range of guides to help people get the most from their Filofax personal organisers. One such guide was written by John Adair who has written several books on the topic. 

I was fortunate to be sent a complete set of the inserts and the guides from this series. Part one will feature the guide and keypoint reminders, whilst part two will feature the inserts mentioned in the guide. 

The inserts mentioned on the following pages will be shown in a separate post shared here soon. 

The book mentioned is out of print but still available. Amazon UK  Amazon USA

Here are the Key Point Reminder pages mentioned on pages 16 and 17.

You will find higher resolution versions of these scanned pages on our dedicated catalogue site here.

The content of these images are copyright Filofax Letts Group and they are reproduced here with their permission for education, research and non-commercial use only.


  1. Amazing! I really appreciate you hard work!

  2. Just for those who maybe don't know..... If you press control and plus, addition key, it will enlarge your page to make small text easier to read. Control minus, take away sign, will bring your page back to 100% again ie normal size. Thanks ever so much Steve. This was so interesting. xx

    1. Or just click on the photo and that opens it fully.

  3. Brilliant, thanks for posting!

    “If your telephone calls are taking too long, but an egg-timer .. practice stopping before the sand runs out”

    I need to try this with email...

  4. John Adair has previously given me some background details regarding this Free-Form system:
    “I became an avid Filofax user long before writing the book. Therefore it was natural for me to suggest to David Collischon at Filofax that they made up some gaps in their system with some specific time management pages. This we did. There was a pack of ten sheets of key points based on the 10 principles in the book, plus some forms for daily etc. planning. I received a small royalty on these pages.”

  5. thank you Steve for scanning and posting - am sure I will find some "new to me" nuggets here

  6. Thanks for posting these. I had this set back in the eighties, and it's good to have a refresher.

  7. Thank you so much for scanning and sharing these, Steve. Much of my work can't be planned; as an Admin/Receptionist many of my tasks and priorities shift constantly throughout the day. Some of the advice is very useful however. :)

  8. I managed to snag the last copy of How To Manage Your Time by John Adair and am reading it now. His biography is fascinating: Scots Guards, Arab Legion, deckhand on an Icelandic Trawler, hospital orderly, lecturer, leadership consultant and somewhere along the way wrote 19 books. All without a smartphone..

  9. Taking a break from our current American madness (sigh) by catching up with Philofaxy. This was a terrific read. So many time management perspectives remain the same, we currently have both more apps and more distractions.