09 April 2021

Free for All Friday, No. 648 by Nan

 Organizers are almost always used for one thing—organizing time. You might use yours to plan how to spend your time for the upcoming day, week, or month. Or even plan what you intend to do years in advance!

But what if your organizer could be a time bridge of sorts? A way to connect you to the past or future?

You could put away your organizer at the end of the year and look back on it one year later, to see what has changed. 

You could use an organizer to hold your family tree, complete with photographs and documents. 

You could create a time capsule in an organizer for others to read a few years, decades, or even centuries later!

As always, all discussion of ring-bound organizers is welcome here on Friday!


  1. One of my ADHD symptoms is "time blindness" - I don't intuitively "sense" time passing as readily as others do. My filofax engages my visual and tactile senses, and makes time seem more "real". I love your idea of using filofax to expand our comprhension of time beyond the everyday. Food for thought indeed.

  2. Totally agree. Great ideas, especially since many of us have more than one, two or ten planners and it's always good to use them for cool projects.

  3. Anything Franklin Covey/Franklin Planner has been of utmost usefulness in squeezing the most out of your time. They are masters at making your planner into a well honed tool for success.

  4. Off topic, but does anyone know if Hobonichi make of stencils fit into A6 VDS pockets??? Thanks for any help. Grateful. xxxxxx