19 April 2021

Attention Email Subscribers

If you receive the blog posts by email, this has used the Feedburner (Google) service. This has been on Philofaxy since about 2010. The subscription list totals over 1600 people, not all of them verified. 

Feedburner have recently announced that they are ceasing the email service in July this year. I have therefore put a link to a new service in the side bar to replace the Feedburner service. 

The new service is supported by advertising in the emails you will receive, you can if you wish pay a small fee to get the adverts removed. See the website for details

Although I have the full list of current subscribers, I will not be submitting those to the new service, this would be against GDPR regulations to do so. 

If you wish to continue to receive blog posts by email after July, then you will need to resubscribe to the new service. 

You can also register the rss feed for Philofaxy [https://philofaxy.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default] with any other RSS to Email service of your choice there are quite a few around.  

Alternatively there are lots of RSS reader apps available that you can also use the RSS feed in. I personally use Protopage, but there are lots of others around. 

If you have any questions please post them in the comments. 


  1. Thanks for letting us know. I have subscriubed via that site so I get updates from your blkog emailed to me

  2. I usually receive the updates by mail both from the blog and Bloglovin'. Do you think I could still receive them through Bloglovin' without subscribing to the new service? I have seen a Patreon link on the sidebar: what is the difference between the new service and Patreon? Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      You will continue to receive updates via Bloglovin. The new service (Blogtrottr) essentially replaces the previous email service that was supplied by Google(Feedburner) you will continue to get those emails until July.
      Patreon is to support the podcast with a monthly subscription starting at $1 per month. By being a Patron of the podcast, you will gain early access to the podcasts and also exclusive access to the show-notes. Free access will continue to the podcast via Apple Podcasts and a variety of other podcast aggregators.
      Thank you for your continued support.

  3. A useful overview of Feedburner alternatives is https://feedburner-alternatives.com. There are some free services as well.

    1. Thanks for that, I've switched to Follow It which looks a more flexible service, I will see how well it works over the next few days.