22 April 2021

'If you like it buy it!'

It has been a long well worn motto of the blog that 'If you like it, buy it.' this stems back to a conversation that Laurie and I had when we first met back in 2010

Are there any Filofax models in the past that you wished you had bought at the time and you missed out on them, may be a current model but in a colour that was only available that year and never since? 

May be when it was on sale it didn't appeal to you, but for what ever reason you change your mind years later. 

Instagram has made people more envious of past models than ever. If I put a photo on there of an older model, I get the usual comments 'I've got one of those.' "I really like that" and tens of 'likes' but often I might also get 'How much are you selling it for'.... I'm not! 

Where can you find that 'One that got away' organiser? Adspot of course! Get us to post a Wanted advert and you might get lucky... I have on a couple of occasions! Alternatively, save a search on your local Ebay or similar site for the model you are looking for. 

As always be aware of the original price and don't get too silly on the price you pay for an old model. 

Happy hunting. 


  1. The Journey Travel Companion is the only model I regret not buying. Only a very limited number were made.

  2. I didn’t buy a wine Holborn because I had the idea that one shouldn’t have leather goods in different colors. Lived to regret and eventually found a lovely preloved Holborn personal in wine, which is one of my favourites.

  3. I regret not buying an Ochre Malden when it first came out, back when the leather was buttery soft and floppy. The leather is dry on the newer Malden binders. I bought an Ochre Malden a few years ago and ended up returning it because I was so disappointed at the dryness of the leather. I stand by "if you like it, buy it!" You might not get the chance again! And even if they continue the line, the leather might change (like it did in the Malden and Holborn lines).