15 April 2021

Scheduling Your Gardening Tasks In Your Organiser

There is a lot of colour in our garden at this time of year.

If like me you are a bit of an amateur gardener and you need reminders as to when to do certain tasks in the garden at this time of year, then you might like to print off this simple guide for when to prune your plants and shrubs.
  • A5 When to prune (Gardening) - .docx .pdf
  • Personal When to prune (Gardening) - .docx .pdf
You might also want to use a simple year planner split in to months or the seasons to make a note of observations on when things come in to bloom, or when trees start to blossom. You can also record weather details, because frosts will have an impact on the flowering of bulbs in spring. 

Download a suitable monthly or year planner from our diary inserts page, there are examples there for most sizes. 

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  1. I keep gardening information in my A5. There is a website that gives you a personalised garden schedule, based on the last frost date in your postcode area. I also keep guidance for growing specific plants, and seed saving instructions. I am redesigning the front garden, and I have drawn out my plans on graph paper. Sometimes I keep records of what I have planted, but that can all go to pot when things get busy.

    1. Would you share that website? Thanks.

    2. Would you share that website? Thanks.

    3. Would you share that website? Thanks.

    4. Here it is: https://www.gardenfocused.co.uk/index.php

  2. thank you Steve - this will be very helpful