08 April 2021

Planning the Franklin Planner way....

Easter 2021 was the first weekend of April 2021 and if you are reading this many years later you might know that we were still in the world of a global pandemic of a scale unseen in modern history. No travelling between countries and in my case I'm limited to staying within 10 km without a note from up on high!

Staying at home continued to be the order of the day. However, instead of binge watching things on Netflix/Amazon Prime/YouTube (delete as applicable) I decided to spend a bit of time doing some self-training. 

I came across a three part series from Franklin Planner (Franklin Covey?). At first I thought it was going to be hard going, but I stuck with it. 

The three videos were 50 minutes, 51 minutes and 35 minutes long. I cheated after the first one and opted for changing the playback speed to 1.25 to speed things up a little. I watched them one after another with a gap between parts one and two for lunch. You can split them between different days if don't have over 2 hours to spare. The splits between parts is at good dividing points. 

The videos go in to a lot of detail and the last part about how the different sections of a Franklin planner are supposed to be used was very interesting in terms of how all of the different pages are used without duplication (daily, weekly, monthly pages etc) 

Will I change my planning method and approach to how I use my own planner, at the time of writing I don't think so, but I am sure I learnt a few things along the way. 

It proved my thoughts that just seeing blank inserts tells you nothing about how they were intended to be used. 

Part one focuses on the value and importance of time management.

Part two moves on to building The Productivity Pyramid.

Finally part 3 focuses on the power of the paper tool: your Franklin Planner (or any other similar planner!).

Of course, if you are familiar with the topics covered in the first or second videos dive in to part 3.

I found that the videos are very well presented and there are examples used at each stage of the presentations. 

Further Information. 

Facebook Page: Franklin Planner USA
Facebook Groups: Franklin Covey Addicts  Franklin Covey Planners Rock plus others, just search.


  1. Thank you, very interesting indeed. xxx

  2. I have found everything Franklin Covey/Franklin Planner related to be of utmost usefulness. They're masters at squeezing the most out of your time with their products.

  3. Thank you Steve!! I attended one of these events, which took a couple eight-hour days back in 1990. The planning structure is great, once mastered. It's been 30 years, but the technique never leaves you. Plus I've transferred it to my original planner that I fell in love with...Knightsbridge. Thank you.