13 April 2021

Free For All Tuesday - No. 532

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

We are here to answer your questions.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away with any questions and comments.


  1. Intrigued an old filofax catalogue I recently bought a four-ring pocket filofax on eBay. It has something like 15mm rings, and is therefore very narrow and easy to slip into a pocket. Ideal for when I want a small amount of paper for notes but don't want to carry my full-sized filofax.
    I use it as a wallet, with bank card in one of those earlier business-card holders with the longer slots at the top and bottom. The pen loop is very narrow - 6mm - suitable for a very thin pencil (which adds almost no weight). I love the easy interchangeability - it is easy to swap the bank card holder or any notes I've made into my (main) personal filofax.
    It is also very attractively made: thin burgundy 'real kid' leather and watered silk-like lining fabric. There are two pockets in the inside left-hand cover and four credit-card slots in the right-hand cover.
    For those times when I prefer a more substantial pen or pencil I have made a pen-holder by punching holes in a 'Flex (by Filofax)' pen-holder card, which also fits into my personal filofax.

    1. The old four ring pockets have that advantage of using the same punch as Personal size so you can use the pocket pages in Personal size.
      I've also used the Flex penholder divider in other sizes and with different ring spaces too.