30 April 2021

Free For All Friday No 651 by Laurie

Recently I ordered another pack of A5 printer paper for my A5 Filofax organisers. One of my favorite things about using the A5 size is the ease of printing inserts. I just buy A5 paper, print, and hole punch.

This is the third pack of A5 paper I have used. The first pack I used was 80 gsm, which was fine, but when it came time to order the next pack they didn't have 80, so I got 90 gsm. I liked it so much I ordered 90 gsm again this time.

When choosing paper thickness to use in a Filofax, it's a tradeoff between how thick you like your paper to be (which is especially important when using fountain pens, highlighters, or other ink that tends to show through paper), vs how many pages you can fit into your binder.

90 gsm is perfect for me. It's thick enough that my highlighters don't show through to the other side of the page, but thin enough that it doesn't prevent me from putting as many pages as I need into my Filofax.

What paper thickness do you prefer? Thicker or thinner?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organiser related!


  1. I use a pencil in my filofax, so I can use thinner paper without any show-through. This allows me to use smaller rings, making it easier to write in the filofax. I am experimenting with Tomoe River paper, but on my first try, the ink smudged when it came out of my printer. I was printing duplex, but next time I will print each side separately.

    However, sometimes it feels good to write on thicker paper. Happily, it is easy to mix different types of paper in the same filofax.

  2. 90g paper may be great for fountain pens but it quickly fills your organiser! I’ve never been one for a bloated, overfilled binder. 90g is nearly 30% thicker that the 70g I use (when I can find it). I also print on a lower ink setting, which both saves ink and reduces bleed-through on the printer.

  3. I always use a ballpoint pen. I preferred the old Filofax diary paper when it was thinner (I realise I’m probably in a minority).

  4. Because I use thicker paper, I am thinking of getting 30mm rings for my A6 VDS. My question is, is the leeather footprint of the new 30mm Touch Mes bigger, or can I just fit 30mm rings into my older A6 TM with no tab overhang????? Thanks. xxxxx

  5. I'm using 80gsm A5 Claire Fontaine paper which I buy in our local supermarket media department. It's thicker than the normal Filofax paper I guess, but as all of my inserts are printed at home these days, I like the consistent thickness and quality of the paper. Also no issues with what ever pen I use.

  6. I like the thinner for everyday stuff, but for things that will be permanently in my planner, or for the calendar I'd be using heavily, I prefer the 100gsm.

  7. Conqueror 90gm for me. I've recently tried Ckarefontaine 80gm which works fine but just doesn't feel the same.