11 August 2014

Filofax USA 1999 New Arrivals Catalogue

This one contains quite a few familiar names I'm sure you all know, there are a few I had never seen before. For instance the Knightsbridge and the Mayfair both look very luxurious.

This set of scans are also available on Flickr here


  1. The Westminster looks like a forerunner to the Gillio Mia Cara.

  2. Thanks for posting these catalogs, Steve. I recently found my Filofax USA catalog from around 2006 and saw that there was a Denim model. I can't imagine that the smell of that Filofax was much to write home about. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Steve, I'm also really enjoying seeing these old catalogues.

  4. The priced! Wow. You can see why you got more quality; $160 in 1999 was pretty big bucks.


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