12 May 2023

Free For All Friday - No. 757 by Steve

My section dividers are labelled quite predictably as shown in the photo above. This last week or two though I have been wondering if I should have a 'Health' section for all the various appointments and file pages that are mounting up. 

The French Health Service is excellent and fairly efficient. They still love their bits of papier and booking you in for multiple appointments etc. 

I would be wrong to say 'there is nothing wrong with me' !! I'm getting old and the internals aren't as young as they used to be, service intervals are much shorter now than they were in my 20's !

My planner section is absolutely essential for keeping everything under control. 

Do you have any special sections in your organiser? 

Naturally it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. Bonne santé!!


  1. Understand exactly !! I keep my mother's as well as my own health notes and appts in their own sections then end of year I'll add those pages to a separate ring binder . If I need to I will take the whole thing to a doctor appointment.

  2. I keep a medical section in my planner for dates of surgeries or specialists, and medication lists. so much easier than trying to hunt the information down when you need it. -Mary

  3. I forgot to mention that I also keep lab results, as I have been trying to improve my numbers and it's nice to have all the vital results by date in one place. -Mary


  4. Funnily I too have started a health section, but as I use my Winchester for work I've started using my A to Z tabs ... and I'm now gradually moving out of my bespoke tabs!

  5. I have a meditation/spirituality section in my planner. It's not very big. Medical notes I keep on my phone just because it's easier to document in the moment for me.

  6. I'm a Christian pastor so I have a section divider for prayer needs and requests so I can keep track of who and what I've been praying for.