26 May 2023

Free For All Friday No 759 by Laurie

Do you ever worry about privacy in your Filofax?

There can be some very personal things written and recorded in a Filofax. Whether it's medical things like prescriptions or symptom trackers, journaling, or even just your schedule, there could be a lot of things you don't want other people looking at.

Do you ever worry about someone looking in your Filofax, maybe at work or if it's lost? Do you leave things out of your Filofax for this reason? (And maybe keep some things in a separate book or file that stays at home?)

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organiser related!


  1. When I used to keep medical information in mine for my late Mum, I didn't worry about privacy, but it would've been a pain if it was lost. So, I used to take photos of important or recent pages as a back up.

  2. I used to keep my passwords in the Filo, but I've since gotten a password locker, which is much safer. (And easier to use.) I've always journaled in hardback books.

  3. Yes, passwords, even encrypted, were my only concern. I now keep these digitally.

  4. I do wonder if someday someone will read it. I have several so the one that stays home is one I write in more, and one I take with me is as important but has projects and ideas rather than personal details.