25 May 2023

Van der Spek Custom A5 Manager

I have to confess I have a weakness for the Van der Spek A5 organisers. It is a few years since I last ordered one back in 2019! I thought 'that will do me' who was I trying to kid! 

The announcement of the new 'Janet Leather' colour leathers which were decided by a poll in the Facebook group was the trigger. At last a blue Janet Leather and I liked it as well. It's very similar to one of my earlier Van der Spek Standard size (Personal size) but I don't think that leather is still available. A similar blue but darker in tone. 

Here is my 'new' A5 Custom in Blue (Cobalto - Cobalt Blue on the outside) and Grey (Cenere) on the inside with contrasting stitching which is quite subtle until you look closely. 

As usual I went for my usual internal layout which I have a couple of other A5's it is known as 'Steve Layout' on the website! It gives me all the pockets I need in the front and back. 

Just three credit card pockets two other horizontal business card/brochure pockets and two full height vertical slip pockets with leather and elasticated pen loops on the front and back covers. 

The fly leaf is also in the two contrasting leathers. 

The rear inside cover is again my usual layout with a single vertical slip pocket and a zip pocket as well. 

I didn't opt for a full width back pocket on this one. Less bulk and it lays much flatter without it. The clasp is normal size as well. Although other sizes are now available. 

Thank you to Petra and the team in Puttershoek I've already 'moved in' and I'm loving the new colours and the gorgeous smell of new leather on my desk next to me. 

 Further Information.

Web Site: https://www.vdsshop.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VDSleathergoods
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanderspekorganiserfans/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vdsshop/


  1. Stunning.If I ever decide to buy VDS, I'll go for Steve's layout. Beautiful.

  2. Love this layout & the colour combination is wonderful.

  3. Beautiful color combo