15 May 2023

Previously Unknown Filofax Organisers

Our catalogue collection is not 100% complete in coverage of all years. However, we occasionally get sent photos of organisers that don't appear in the catalogues and therefore they are also not shown in FiloWiki either. 

Thank you to our reader Knut Grassmann for sending us these photos and all the information on the following two examples: 

  • personal size, rings 23mm, material plastic - four colours,
  • left: 6 x credit card, 1 pocket full height,
  • right: slot for a pad, does not lie flat without printing,
  • Plastic-strap with visible popper,
  • plastic pen-loop,
On the last photos you can see the original packaging

'4 ring pocket'
The next one doesn't have a model name on the front inside cover:

  • Pocket size, 4 rings 13mm, fine grained very soft shiny black leather,
  • left: 1 pocket,
  • right: 3 pockets for credit cards, 1 pocket full height,
  • Leather-strap with visible popper,
  • Leather pen-loop,
  • The "rail" with the four rings is gold and it is not curved as usual but square.

Four ring pockets were introduced in 1989 with 6 ring pockets coming in 1994.

Do you have any additional information about either of these models?  Please comment below. 

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  1. I used to work at a stationers and remember the Filofax pocket. I don't think they had a name as at launch. More info in the 1989 catalogue - https://philofaxy.com/filocatalogue/1989/11/filofax-uk-full-catalogue-1989/#jp-carousel-789