29 May 2023

Travel Filofax

I'm currently on holiday in Solvenia, a new country for us and it is a delightful place. 

I was faced with the usual issue of selecting a suitable organiser to take with me for the two and half week trip.

I could have selected a smaller size, but instead I opted to stay in my usual A5 size, and just reduce the number of pages I needed to take and use a smaller ring organiser. 

I have a couple of A5 Filofax organisers with 16 mm size rings, a Heritage and Chester. But I also have two with 20mm rings. The organiser parts of the organiser/iPad case in the Fusion and Malden models. 

I picked the Fusion in the end mainly because it is the most robust of the four I picked out. The slightly bigger rings meant I didn't have to cut down what pages I'm carrying. 

I have all of 2023 for my Planner and also my blog planner for 2023. I added in some simple lined paper that I had lurking around! 

With so many things going on at the moment it was good to not have to transfer lots of appointments/events in to another size format and just move my usual pages across to a different organiser. 

What do you do when you travel? 


  1. As I'm a Personal person when I'm on holiday I just transfer my diary for the next few weeks, my ff 12 months fold out calendar, my family journal, my sketchbook inserts, and my ff pencil case - into my Slimline Finchley (ideal for sketching due to the stiffener)

  2. I’ve used a Pocket Slim (Flex Pocket, Nappa or Lockwood) for years when travelling. It’s not a great size for making printouts and as my eyesight gets worse, I’ve thought about taking a larger size with me. I love A5, but even a Filofax Heritage (or Fusion iPad insert) is quite a size to fit in a small day travel bag.

  3. Lucy Martini30 May, 2023 07:14

    Thanks for your story. I generally go interstate for work. So I still bring my personal size planner for my every day life, lol. But I also have a slim personal planner I have set up for work while I'm away. I just update the week pages I need for while I'm there so I can add any work to does, meetings etc.

  4. I agree with Tim, as I considered taking an A5 with me when I last went abroad, but decided against it as it took up too much space in my small rucksack. So, I instead took my personal & an A5 Leuchtturm notebook, but found that I didn't need the notebook anyway. When I travel, I normally just take a personal with folded printouts & find it a good size to keep with me on the flight & as a wallet as well.