24 July 2023

Guest post series - 'Filohax' No.6 - Paul

Thanks again to Paul for this sixth instalment of his wonderful guest post series. 

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Filohax on holiday

After being inspired by some of Daniel's recent posts, I took the plunge and created my own scrapbook inserts of a recent holiday in Devon. 

I've already been experimenting with using the ring system to display ephemera, handwritten notes and sketches and before leaving for the Break decided to consciously collect items of interest and notes while on holiday, giving me 'content' to work with later. 

I wanted the result to make the most of the ring system, which by definition means items can be collected in place without having to stick everything down on the page. The result is a rich layered effect where items themselves can have a 'back', and using tracing paper to allow show-though to items below, I'm really into making the most of those rings! 

As you can see, I'm a keen sketcher and these add variety, along with receipts from memorable locations, snippets from brochures, holiday photos, ice cream labels, even dried flowers. 

My original intention was to keep it to just two pages of personal sized inserts, but even keeping the daily journal notes to a minimum has pushed it to four. 

 I'm sure most people would prefer to scrapbook in A5 format, but I've found the personal format has challenged me to edit more ruthlessly and feel I've established a format to use going forward.

Journal - some text removed to protect privacy


  1. Thanks so much Paul for showing us your process!

  2. Filed under “h” for holiday? I love these pages. Thanks so much for sharing your process and holiday diary.