27 July 2023

Prototype Inserts for Personal and Pocket Size.

Following the release of a new insert recently for A5 organisers. I had a couple of people request something similar for Personal and Pocket Size. 

Given that we already have similar inserts in those sizes (2.5.1 and 3.4.1) I realised already that there wasn't a lot we could do in those sizes apart from reverse the pages, so with the tasks on the left and appointments on the right. 

Personal Size

Pocket Size

It would be possible to redesign the tasks page and divide it up differently, but I suspect everyones requirements are going to be different. Therefore as usual we are making the source files available so you can 'have a go' yourself! 

These like the original files are printed on to A4 paper, then you can cut out the pages and punch them accordingly. 

I've also created a set of files for 2024 as well. 

These inserts aren't going to be added to the diaries page just yet because I don't think there will be a huge demand for them? 

The 2024 files ready to print are available here:

The source files are here for both sizes. You will need both the Word and Excel files. 
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