08 February 2024

Filofax Reminder App

Filofax have recently launched a Reminders App, thank you Tim for spotting it. 

The app is available for Android and iPhone, you can see the full details on this page. 

Using new inserts with a QR code you can scan your written notes and input them in to the app and get audible reminders for tasks etc. 

The way the app works seems to be the wrong way around to how I work! I use the built in Calendar and Reminders app on my Apple devices and these can be shared with family members etc. 

At least once a week I scan through these and copy them to my organiser. 

Remember once you put your information in to an app of any sort there might be privacy issues compared to only using your Filofax. 

This isn't the first time Filofax has offered software, there have been apps for printing out your contacts list in the past and printing pages. Both of these apps are no longer available or supported. I still have the one for printing contacts! 

This app seems to have been supplied by 'InkLink' who ever they are? For it to work your diary inserts seem to require the QR code for the date information it seems. 

Would you use this type of app? 


  1. I just had a quick look into the app. Considering taking a photo of each entry you made in you planner, this could be quite time consuming. Currently, I am on two pages per day, so there would be loads of pictures to take each day....

    My vision of an app would be:
    - take a picture of each day/two days/four days/week/two weeks/month, whatever your layout on two pages is
    - entries are converted to text via OCR and integrated in you device's calendar or reminder infrastructure
    - as using OCR, you will not need any QR codes on your diary pages
    - you can add entries in the app, these will create a reminder to manually sync them with your planner
    - of course, all diary entries and reminders will be synchronized throughout all fo your digital devices including internet services

  2. And I forgot: Using AI could optimize your planning.

  3. I was certainly intrigued when I first spotted this! I’m not yet convinced of its usefulness though. The app won’t really be of use until the summer as the first inserts with QR codes printed on will be for the 2024-5 academic year. I think that all the QR codes will clutter the diary pages - especially in small page sizes such as Pocket and multi-lingual versions which already have limited writing space.

    I suspect most people use their iPhone (or android equivalent) as their core diary and reminder list these days. Certainly that’s what I use. Yes, I then print or write out my schedule and priorities, from my ‘phone, but never transfer the other way around.

  4. Paper. Paper. Paper. At least for me ;-) Maybe this app is a bridge between analog and digital for the younger generation. I don't know. For me it would still be an either or. And paper is still the most trustworthy, reliable and effective planning tool – at least in my opinion. Greetings, Klaus