13 February 2024

Free For All Tuesday - No.680

What questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

We are here to answer your questions.

Make today the one day you post a comment or post a question. If you are commenting as 'Anonymous', please include your name in the text of your comment. 

It is Tuesday after all, so fire away with any questions and comments.


  1. I was surprised to fimd out, that Filofax Notebook Pocket was discontinued. Closest to the small minimal Filofax even plastic was my favourite for a quick notes and have one in car and by the fridge at home. Wanted to buy a spare one only to find out its no longer in production. A4 and A5 still are and hope hope this line will stay.

  2. Does anyone do morning pages? Either in your planner or a separate binder or notebook? If so, do you archive your pages or toss them?

  3. I was disappointed by this too. There are still some of these notebooks available on a well-known e-commerce site, however, and Filofax still sells the refills.