09 February 2024

Free for All Friday No. 796 by Nan

Some planning experts recommend setting aside a few moments at the start of our day to plan it AND at the end of our day to review it. I've usually done the first part, but rarely the second. My day just continues until I fizzle out and head to bed. 

I've recently been inspired to do a review of the day. I can learn so much by asking myself questions like the following:

What's one (positive) sentence that sums up this day?

What 3 things did I accomplish?

What were the 3 best moments of the day?

What 3 things am I grateful for? 

What will I improve tomorrow? 

As always on Friday, feel free to share anything regarding your ring-bound organizer!


  1. First of all, I am happy to see that the blog is still active. I was a regularly reader about 6 or 7 years ago, then sold my A5 Malden and forgot all about it. Now I've been missing my Malden, bought a new preloved one and am now here again.
    And talking about a review - I'm planning on adding a self-care section to my new planner once it gets here. :-)

    1. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." ;)

  2. Daily review is something I aspire to but rarely actually do. Recently I decided to take the pressure off myself and instead of writing a review or answering questions, I just look back through my notes and tasks of the day, maybe write a couple of notes or reminders, but mainly just think for a minute about my day and what happened. I find this lets my brain process the day while I'm awake, instead of at bedtime when I'm trying to fall asleep!