03 May 2024

Free for All Friday No. 808 by Nan

No matter how much you love paper (as we all do), sometimes digital tools can really help! For example, when my to-do list grew overwhelmingly long, I typed it into a spreadsheet where I can sort it by date and priority. 

Here's an example of the spreadsheet I've created for myself, and how it looks when I print and punch it for my organizer. 

As always on Friday, feel free to discuss anything pertaining to ring-bound organizers!


  1. Iforgotmyname

    I love Filofax’s (Pocket) original insert for this. But I wish they had kept the subcategory-bubble on the outer corner where you could arrange them alphabetically or by due-date. If the shipping wasn’t so expensive, I would still buy a packet of the Cotton Cream ones once in a while.

  2. Iforgotmynameagain

    On the other hand, your print-out saves a lot of bulk and weight (not to mention money!). It could be mentally refreshing to fill out a new one at the start of each month.

  3. I use Google sheets for my price book and budgeting. I adore paper and think better on paper, but having those things digitally has helped tremendously.