09 December 2016

Free for All Friday No 421 by Nan

Do you use your organizer to record historic events? We've certainty had plenty of those in 2016.

Since it's Friday, all other ring-bound organizer discussion is welcome.


  1. It's not the first purpose but I have marked at least one historic event in my EDC-Filofax monthly overview as well as some related thoughts jotted down in my Bullet Journal daily log. Now, what it was? The US presidential vote, given the fact that I am European, it might qualify as a historic date.

    1. Well, my own definition of historic date might not be clear with that. So, let me add that for me a historic date should have a mid-to long term effect on a larger global scale.

  2. If something significant (maybe not always historic) happens (election, a death, something in our lives or home, etc) I'll note it in the diary section of my planner for that day.

  3. Yes - I have a "this day in history" page. This is almost exclusively for historic family events. For example, my dad's Uncle Tom was killed whilst clearing unexploded munitions in France on 29th November 1918 - two weeks AFTER The Great War (World War One) had ended. Terribly sad. It'll soon be 100 years and I hope to go out to his grave - hopefully with my dad, who will be 93 - to mark the occasion. I would never remember the exact date if it wasn't written down (same goes for my wedding anniversary!).

  4. I keep track of a LOT of things but I've never really kept track of historic events. I'm not sure why.

  5. I've been using my journal to record 'Historic Event's and my thoughts on those days for a few years now. As you say Nan there have been dozens of them this year.