06 February 2010

Filofax Fashion

I asked the question a few weeks ago about 'what do you carry your Filofax organiser in?' As might be expected most people mentioned a handbag, briefcase or similar.

I have been using my Finsbury slimline personal size organiser for a few months now as my wallet/organiser. So there are times when I'm not carrying a shoulder bag or rucksack. I've not quite got to the stage of the French 'Man-Bag' yet. That will no doubt happen when I move to France!

If I'm not wearing a formal jacket I've found the map pocket on my Berghaus jackets is perfect for carrying my Filofax. It's discreet and not too bulky.

In these days or iThis and iThat, you aren't likely to find garments with pockets specifically labelled as 'Filofax compatible' But that got me thinking, lets compare sizes...

Filofax iDevice Other
20 x 24 cm
19 x 24 cm
hardback book
17 x 24 cm
12 x 19 cm
6 x 11cm
OS Map
14 x 23 cm
12 x 15 cm
6 x 10 cm

The Scott EVest series of jackets have multiple pockets, think of how many organisers you could carry in one of those, yet still have the odd pocket spare for keys and your mobile phone. Look in x-ray view.

So let's not have any excuses for not taking your Filofax with you anywhere... what ever size you use



  1. Maybe it's just my cosmopolitan outlook, but I have problem in carrying most of my daily paraphernalia around in a reticule some would call a 'man-bag'. Its actually a world war two Dutch officers map bag, but its perfectly filo-sized. Its takes the filofax (a vintage Winchester, circa 1980), iphone, my keys, a paperback book, reading glasses and thats about it. For work, the filo goes into a leather messenger bag along with the other aforementioned items, plus my macbook and other work odds and ends. These sometimes include my A5 filo which usually lives on my desk.

    Today though, I'll nip out for a coffee and the filo and the sunday papers will be carried, sans bag, in the hand

  2. My most used jacket is a Royal Navy issued rain jacket which frankly has cargo pockets so big I can almost lose my A5 filo in it! It's perfect from my Urban Pocket or Finsbury Personal

    Other than that a trusty old rucksac is the order of the day!

  3. I use a Swissgear by Wenger backpack. Perfect for my MacBook Pro, personal size Filo, cables, cords, files, etc.

  4. Most days, my "pocket" travels in the Brompton "C" bag, or my Carradice Saddlebag. Otherwise, in the pocket of my jacket.

    The pocket's great for portability, but the format seems much more limiting than the Personal, and I'll probably go back to that next year.

  5. Mine sits nicely in an Italian briefcase (Condotti), right next to the digital Dictaphone, novel, HP calculator (41CX), glasses case, Swiss army lock knife, leather slip portfolio and wireless laser laptop mouse.

  6. I wish that Filofax would come up with the cotton cream color for the A5 that they have for the personal and smaller sizes. I just prefer it and think it looks richer.

  7. Steve. In the first line of this post you refer to an earlier post possibly themed "what do you carry your Filofax organiser in?" ... I have searched but nor found. can you advise or help me in the right direction? Thanks

  8. T I'm trying to find it myself. It might have been in a FFAF (Free for all Friday) but I will take a longer/deeper look later today and report back..



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