23 February 2010

Using my Slimline Filofax as my wallet

I mentioned this purchase a few months ago in a post when I had just bought my Slimline Finsbury. Well since then it's been in use everyday. As there have been a few comments recently about how to use a Filofax as your wallet I thought I would do a post with some pictures.

This first picture shows the inside front, which has six card slots and a further full height slot behind them. I use a Pentel 205 mechanical pencil in this organiser, as the diary section is used for my appointments.

Note how it lays flat... no bluetac!

I'm using a page a day which is more than enough space for the number of appointments I have to keep. I jot things down in here on a regular basis.

I keep track of my car share too, who is driving out of the three of us to work each day.

I use To Do lists and lined paper quite a bit, occasionally slipping either adjacent to my week, so I have the week and the todo list in view at the same time.

I'm not heavy on GTD, but this works fine for me.

At the back I have my contact phone numbers again entered in pencil so that I can make changes to these easily.

The back cover pocket holds my drivers licence, any paper money, a book of postage stamps, and when abroad my passport. Note how the back cover doesn't quite lay flat, it doesn't have the additional weight of all of my cards that sit in the front cover pockets.

The only thing I've not found an answer to yet is loose coins. Any ideas that would compatible with a slimline?

[Update] I've now added the Change Holder for coins, see this post


  1. This is so cool it is making me re-think EVERYTHING...

  2. very nice....hmm, i wonder if I should look into a slimline? :)

  3. Thanks so much for this! I'm using a zippered plastic envelope for coins eventhough my Filo has a zipped pocket.

    So you've pared down your wallet filo to only money, cards, appointments and to do lists? I need to figure if I can live with just carrying these with me.

    Again, thanks.

  4. I am so glad that someone is giving some attention to the Filofax slimline. It is the nicest planner to transport, write in and use. No bulk and big rings to get in the way. Yes, it is possible to stay on track and focused with this little number. I use the slimline with the 1/2" rings rather than the 7/16" rings which has made this style much more accomodating for me. I see the common sense in using this planner as a wallet for a man. I use a slim credit card wallet with zipper change compartment and slit for bills myself that is about
    1/4" thick. I'm loving traveling light.

  5. I too use a slimline for carrying only the essentials - everything else stays home in a personal binder. I can't say enough about my slimline guildford - I absolutely love it! I did go back to carrying a personal for about a week but missed my beloved slimline...once I pared down to only the essentials, it was hard going back to lugging everything around unnecessarily.

  6. I also use my slimline Guildford as a wallet. I have two zipper pouches. One for coupons, one for money. The rest of my "pages" are credit card holders.

  7. Rosie,
    Do you also carry another Filo apart from your slimline?

  8. I need help - after reading your brilliant idea of using this as your wallet, I bought one but I cant fit my cards into the leather card slots - have I got a dodgy one? Surely the slots were designed to fit credit cards and business cards in yet I can fit neither! Your photo shows that you have put cards into this area with no problems - I wonder could I ask you to measure the width of the credit card slot on your version so I can check if its the same as mine?

  9. To answer an earlier question..

    No I just carry the Finsbury Personal Slimline as my carry around Filo.

    To answer Jodee's question

    Each of my cards are the 'standard' 8.5 cm by 5.5 cm

    A couple of my slots where a little tight at first, but they are fine now.

    Send me a picture of yours to the email address in the About us page.


  10. Oh thankyou! Ive stretched them and i can just fit, glad to know its not just me!

  11. I found a good solution to loose coins ... I carry them in my pocket until I get home and then put them all in a savings tin. After just three months I opened the tin (it's a sealed one that needs a can opener to open it) and it contained over £300!