09 February 2010

Format change....

If you have logged in to Facebook recently you are bound to have had one of your 'friends' possibly commenting or complaining about the new layout on Facebook.  With any of these sites you are at the mercy of the site owner.

Imagine the same happening in your Filofax, you open your organiser and your whole Filofax has changed in it's style, a different calendar, the sections have changed their names or have been moved around, addresses at the front, diary in the middle somewhere. You would think it was a nightmare... go back to sleep and wake up again and hope it has all gone back as it was....

Relax as Filofax users we know this can't happen. We are in control of our format, and layout. Isn't that great... The worse that could happen I suppose is that your preferred choice of calendar or particular pages are no longer printed, or they are out of stock.

Which format calendar would you like to see outside of the current range or do you miss? Are there any pages you miss from the past? Tell us in the comments...

If you were wondering, I'm still using the old Facebook layout... retro yeah! 



  1. Ya better check that one out hun. I was using the old FB layout till yesterday when FB hit me with the new one. The downside to the new one is they took my list for a game I play. I use that to see the newest items, or friends needing help. With this new layout we can't get the latest updates because the page never stays the same. :( Hope ya can keep ya old layout.

  2. And an hour or so after I posted this so I too ended up on the new FB format.... then I woke up!

  3. I would love to see the city dweller pages in sizes other than just personal. I had started to make up my own template until I found something like them as a downloadable pdf on the Moleskin website http://www.moleskine.com/mymoleskine/msk_templates.php it doesnt have everything I wanted but it has saved me a lot on time :)

  4. Marissa, THANK YOU for those Moleskine templates!! I REALLY wish they would make the weekly notebook the way they have the "weekly notebook alternative," with Saturday and Sunday having as much space as all the other days!!!

  5. Thanks Marissa, I've added the link to our growing list of links



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