24 February 2010

The Filofax is back

Well according to the Daily Telegraph today here in UK, the Filofax is back...

Have a read....

I hate to tell them... it never went away as far as we are concerned....



  1. I'm very happy to hear this, as I've just spent the last few days reviving my custom organizer pages project!

    So far, I've made eleven different types of note paper, a Month On Two Pages perpetual calendar, and a Seven Year Journal, all in A5 size. Many more types and sizes are planned.

    I will be making the templates available in PDF format eventually, and I'll be sure to notify everyone at Philofaxy when that happens (should be fairly soon).

    The first set of prototypes was printed and cut today. About 100 sheets of paper and 400 X-Acto cuts...I think I may wear out my A5 hole punch!

    The plan is to eventually sell these pages, printed professionally on high quality, archival rag paper (with an eye to fountain pens, but I'm not going to invest that kind of money until I've gone through a period of beta testing. The first prototypes are printed on el cheapo copier paper, but I have laid in substantial stock of the good stuff for the final prototypes.

    There's a few things I have to take care of before a more formal announcement is made, but hopefully I can get everything in order Real Soon Now.

  2. Gemma that is wonderful!! I'm sure you will find plenty of people here who are willing to try and evaluate your formats and give constructive feedback to help you finalize your designs. I will definitely want to participate!

  3. A 25% sales increase is amazing - I've had a feeling that they are on the way up and in again, but 25%! I prefer it to any electronic device (and I love gadgets!) since it is so much simpler and easier to use - just like paperbacks are simpler and easier than electronic reader. And one can use a favourite (fountain)pen. :)


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