26 February 2010

The obituary for Filofax has been recalled

Newspaper editors have this week been apologising for the premature announcements of the death of the Filofax. It seems that the Filofax has been going about it's business quietly and without making a fuss for years. They blamed the lack of TV coverage and the lack of mentions in the weekly celeb magazines for them thinking it had died without trace.

Keen followers and users of Filofax have been rejoicing and broadcasting their love for Filofax on Twitter and other social networks this week following the announcements that sales in the leather bound organisers had never been better.

Filofax HQ have even called in expert users to review their up and coming TV ad campaign which reportedly features a user turning the pages of their Filofax and showing the camera the variety of pages available. 'You want a list to remember all the things to take on holiday…. Well their's an insert for that'  Now where have I heard something like that before....

Male Filofax users were slightly concerned that this weeks announcements included the startling statistics that they were in the minority when it came to the demographics of the average Filofax user. They have called for the focus groups to get together to design some more masculine organisers. Ideas have included a fake camouflage cover. Inserts featuring maps showing the locations of CAMRA recommended pubs and bars in central London. They have also called upon Filofax to develop a similar 'beauty Filofax gift box' that will appeal to men. The atomiser pen could of course be used for aftershave, the mirror for shaving and checking for other unwanted facial hair!

All Filofax users have appealed to Filofax UK to not get carried away with this newly found popularity, they don't want the brand to be cheapened, or for senseless gadgets to be included such as electronic alarm reminders, the clip in calculator is going far enough thank you.

Filofax has called for publicist Max Clifford to sell their story of their hidden years in hiding at the bottom of desk drawers and called for Filofax UK to ensure there was a plentiful supply of diaries and inserts available for all his old friends that have been emerging this week.

The family and friends of Filofax are pleased and happy that the Filofax is in fact alive and well.

Note: Written with tongue firmly in cheek! It is Friday after all......


  1. British philofaxers:
    Have you seen this? OMG! I'm a WAG. I didn't even know Colleen could write :p


  2. Wow!! I thought MY Filofax was fat!!!

  3. May be we should send her a link to one of our previous posts! Or ask her to do a guest post on what she keeps in it!!

  4. I would LOVE to know what she has in there!

  5. Love this piece. Wish we really did have that advert.... hmmm maybe I'll go chat to the bosses about marketing budgets....!

  6. [smile] Remember you saw it here first folks.... [/smile]

    I will get my people to talk to your people Jess... I'm sure we can come to an agreeable 'fee' !


  7. So, has any of the Philofaxy people emailed Colleen's people then? I'm ever so curious what she carries that makes her Filo so thick!


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