21 February 2010

Which organiser has what size rings

OK so you want to know what size rings are in which organiser and approximately what the cost is?

I've come up with the answer, a look up chart in a pdf file that has the details on size, model, ring size and the approximate prices in UK, Europe and the US. Filofax.PDF

I will try and update this file every few months, but as you can imagine it takes a while!



  1. WOW! Steve, this is a lot of work! Thanks for doing this - it's great.

  2. Yeah it took a while to create the list, one of the things I did over Christmas! Then our UK VAT rate went up on 1 Jan so it was out of date. Although I have noticed that some prices haven't changed on the UK store...

    More files to come soon....


  3. Well Steve, where is my Personal Canterbury?


    The lock strap has worn out and needs replacement and I need to match up the snap fastener else rip the filo apart to fit a new one, NO!
    Can you help me match up a new snap fastener or complete original strap?


  4. Schermann, I think only models currently sold directly by filofax are in the PDF, which would mean the Canterbury is probably discontinued?

    I don't know about replacing a strap, but you could ask filofax and maybe a local shoemaker.

  5. Thank you Estelle,

    The strap problem is a big problem because the snap press stud is very specific and most difficult to source. Filofax evrywhere are not willing to reveal who their manufacturer is as I could just simply source it from them.

    The regrettable alternative is that every boot and leather worker has told me emphatically that to replace the press stud the Filofax has to be pulled apart, re-studded and then re-stitched at a cost of almost a replacement Filo!!!

    NOPE, if I get an original stud I can just get the strap made without having to touch the original other half stud part on the the Filo.

    WTF! How hard can it be to give a loyal customer the whereabouts to someone who supplies a simple press stud!

    Any way I will keep trying and probably (before I lose interest and just get out the super glue again) will stumble upon a supplier who is willing to give me two complete studs instead of a packet of 100.

    To summarize, local leather workers can't source the press studs and can only effect a repair by pulling the entire Filo apart and restitching it, no thanks.


    Regards SC

  6. PS:

    [b]Super glue[/b] worked a wonder but I still would like to source an original press stud.

    If you are wondering, super glue was developed by the US Army to allow the rapid closure of battle wounds prior to M.A.S.H delivery. So it instantly bonds skin (leather)...