25 February 2010

We have class!

There's more Filofax love in the news today!

Today's Telegraph has another article about how Filofax sales are on the rise. I love how in this article it says taking out a gorgeous Filofax shows you have class. Yes we do!


Today's Independent has a mention too, at the bottom of Hit And Run ("Filofax Strikes Back"). I love how they refer to the inserts as "OCD-tastic." I think we are all testament to the amount of tweaking one can do with Filofax inserts!


According to Filofax UK on Twitter, there's also a Guardian article today about Filofax, but I couldn't find it online. Did anyone see it?


  1. I have just done a search on the Guardian site and there's no recent articles. Filofax UK have put the Daily Mail on to me, as they are preparing an article as well!

    Not heard anything from them yet.


  2. Great to know so many women opt for Deco when it's almost the price of a smartphone!

  3. There was a short item by Tim Dowling in the printed Guardian G2 section yesterday, entitled "Filofax: a guide". It mentions that "If you were born after 1990 you may never have seen one, but the Filofax is making a comeback." And then goes on to explain the concept in a light-hearted way by analogy with a PDA/iPhone type appliance.