17 February 2010


I'm sure we all have a 'Today' marker in our Filofax organiser. But have you ever wanted to have more than one, or one that looks a little bit different?

Well take look at this one, it's on the site DeviantArt. With thanks to:purply-bunz  I'm also a user of the site.

I'm going to have a go at making something similar for my A5 organiser, may be in a little more subdued colours though!!



  1. Actually, I have *four* "Today" rulers. Three black, and one clear. One for my Month On Two Pages diary, one for my Week On One Page diary, one for my business notes, and one for my personal notes.

    Also, I called Filofax USA today and inquired about the 2010 Week On One PAge diary that is missing from the web site. Apparently, it has not been discontinued, it's just that they are out of stock until May.

    So, today I managed to find a Week On One Page With Notes diary at a local retailer, that should get me through until my favorite is back in stock.

  2. Gemma I'm so glad to hear your favorite diary format hasn't been discontinued after all!! It's so hard for me to find something that works well for me, so when it vanishes from existence I get really upset!

    Too bad you have to wait until May but at least you know at that point you'll be back to your trusted system.

  3. I have two rulers. The black one marks the day in my one-day-per-page section, and the frosted one in my week-on-two-pages section. For my notes I just use a sticky bookmark. I think I'd go nuts if I had more than two rulers!

  4. I can totally identify with the people who can't stop buying planners. I really should count the ones I have as I really don't know and am running out of room in my closet. They are mostly Filofax with a few Franklin Covey's thrown in. I'm addicted! I have to stop as my credit card will be out of control!


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