06 October 2010

Mid Week Web Finds

Quite a few turning up this week...
And in case you missed it, Filofax UK are offering free delivery on all Personal size diary refills until the end of the week. Buy through our Philofaxy links and you will be helping support the next Philofaxy competition. Use the code DEL3 at the checkout.


  1. That Swedish Secret thing is hilarious, really laughed my head of. Not just that part about the Filofax-usage, but the whole thing. Reminds me of another infamous book hier in Holland: "The Undutchables". Writting for foreigners who are forcingly or voluntarily living in Holland. A killer!

    As for Caroline's blog: "one of sixteen people in the world who still uses a filofax ..."???? LOL She sure doesn't know about his site, does she? I'd say: add a few zero's to that number!!! LOL

  2. Hi. Enjoying reading Philofaxy since I found it. have just created my first template for my own paper refill. http://inkytechnology.blogspot.com

  3. Just spotted this! I had no idea, jeezo, my Mum is clearly way more cool that I gave her credit for.... my apologies if I offended!

  4. No you didn't offend anyone... I guess you wondered where the visitors to your site where coming from!