24 March 2013

Philofaxy Meet Up - California - Summer 2013

After seeing the reports about the London and Hamburg meet ups, Jennifer got in touch and asked if we would put out a post to gauge interest in a West Coast USA meet up.

So far this is what Jennifer is planning:

When:  I'm thinking summer time, when they kids are on break from school.
Where: Los Angeles, CA (Beverly Hills/Westwood area)

We can maybe eat & drink somewhere then visit some Filofax shops like this one in Los Angeles. Seems like they have a great selection or alternatively this one in Beverly Hills

I'm trying to gather up all the Californians and ask around for suggestions.

Please contact me if you are interested: jbreyes3 [at] gmail.com


Jennifer has also invited me along... but given the cost of travel etc, I think it might not happen this year... but I'm not ruling out the possibility in future.. I will have to get Alison to sell more copies of Inceptio first I think!!!  


  1. If I could make the drive, I would most definitely be interested! I live about 1 to 2 hours away but do travel there often and would love to see new stationary stores and meet fellow Philofaxers! :)

  2. I am a transplanted L A native, born and lived there for 44 years--until I took a job in Texas. (But thats another story). Even though I live in Texas now, this will give me the perfect excuse to visit my son and friends.

    I'm in for sure, if this happens! Also, I believe there are a few more stores to find Filos--used to be one really nice stationery store in Century City Shopping Center.
    Anyway, this would be great! Let me know if I can help in any way!

  3. I would be interested in this meetup, if I am not booked for an event the same weekend. I'll email you as requested. :)

  4. I will email you separately too. I would be interested, living in San Diego, a drive up to Beverly Hills would be do-able. Susanne

  5. I am super excited about this!

  6. As one of the three people who made it to the Hamburg meet-up, I'll keep all my fingers crossed for you! You guys make it happen - And have a great time together!


  7. Steve: Alison needs to do a book-signing in LA.

  8. I live in Phoenix, AZ and would be willing to come to LA for a weekend.

  9. Bummer- I don't think I'll be able to pull of escaping from Chicago to Cali this year :(

  10. And Steve, you need to do a US Philofaxy Tour. If I find out you come to the States and skip Chicago... well, I'd be super bummed!

    1. Agreed, I need to do some crowd sourcing fund raising to come and visit all of you...

    2. Totally! Hey, I've got your lodging covered during the Chicago leg of the trip!

  11. I'm really excited about this! I've had Philofaxy-meet-up envy ever since I started lurking on the site!

  12. Filofaxes in Beverly Hills? Sounds like my idea of luxury!