06 March 2013

Wallet Pockets.

A lot of readers often use their Filofax organiser as a wallet, I've tried this out myself even.

One of the required features for this to work well is the full width wallet pocket for bank notes and a reasonable number of card slots.

The full width wallet pocket only appears on Pocket and Mini size Filofax organisers these days, but in the past it has appeared on Personal size ones too... although I can't recall the models it did appear on. May be you know?

So which Pockets and Mini's have the full width wallet pocket:

Pocket Model Wallet Pocket Card Slots
Enigma No 3
Regency No 2
Osterley Yes 4
Aston No 4
Boston No 2
Classic No 4
Malden Yes 2
Cuban Yes 2
Holborn Yes 3
Chameleon Yes 5
Guildford No 2
Finsbury Yes 2
Bond No 3
BCC No 4
Pennybridge Yes 7
Swift No 3
Apex No 1
Metropol No 4
Domino No 4
Identity No 4
Jack Vintage No 0
Petal No 0

Mini Model Wallet Pocket Card Slots
Classic Yes 3
Executive No 3
Malden Yes 4
Guildford Yes 2
Finsbury Yes 3
Metropol Yes 3
Domino No 3
Identity No 3

Information taken from the Filofax UK website....


  1. I used my personal Cavendish as a wallet for several months. That particular model worked very well, as it has 8 card slots and several pockets suitable for bank notes, plus a shallow zip pocket on the back cover where coins may be kept.

    I tried using a mini with 11mm rings and a wallet pocket, but considering the number of cards most of us need to carry these days I cannot figure out how a mini would work. Most do not have very many card slots and there are no credit card holding inserts available, as far as I know.

    I found eventually that it was easier to just carry a pocket wallet with cards and cash in addition to my filofax. I suppose if a pocket wallet is an impossibility that consolidating your wallet functions into your binder would make a good deal of sense.

  2. I love my mini wallet! To solve the lack of slots issue I pulled apart an old business card holder and put some tape on the edges. I then whole punched and voila! A mini Filofax full of extra card slots ;)

  3. I totally want to try a mini malden or a pocket pennybridge :D Ty for this article.

  4. Hello, Steve, I´ve added FF Portobello and FF Botanic to your Google document. I´m sure of the information since I own both.
    Hope you don´t mind.

  5. I use a Zipped Hamilton Pocket.
    No "wallet packet" but it has an external pouch pocket which is flat and secured with a popper so notes can go there or on the inside front vertical pocket. Being zipped, as long as I don't stuff it with paper, I can put my iPhone inside it and zip it up so it holds that too.

  6. Thanks Steve! Hoping the community can help edit with the ones that aren't on there.

  7. I've tried a few times to use my personal size Filofax as my wallet and I never make it more than one day. It's too flippy-flappy with my pages, and especially if the bills are in the front and the coins are in the back zip pocket I just can't manage it. I have to use a wallet that's only a wallet.

    1. I echo your findings!
      I've tried it a few times, and I just find it too awkward.
      So I still use a regular wallet.

  8. Thanks for putting this together. Now, I need to decide between 3 choices. :)

  9. I've tried several different sizes as a wallet but none worked for me. I have two M2s which work perfectly. One is a pale blue Classic which only has three pockets, I think, but my hot pink Portobello has six. The cheerful colour means that I can find it in the depths of my handbag. I recommend the M2 as a wallet if you can get hold of one.

  10. I used a Pocket Chameleon for the longest time as a wallet, and one of my friends uses a Mini Chameleon for that job too.

  11. I am currently using a personal Holborn as my wallet but I want to try a pocket Chameleon....and at 60% off....it seems like the right thing to do.

  12. I use a mini Amazona as a wallet for a week now - and it works GREAT!!Most of my cards I carry in my Personal size,so I don`t need to stuff that Mini Amazona.Also taken out the calendar.The zipped pocket takes a LOT of coins!!
    Before I used several Pockets.My Fav was the Chameleon,then the Balmoral and then the Amazona.They have a lot of cardslots.I prefer a smaller ringsize for my wallet-Filofax.

  13. I currently use A5 and personal binders. On the Filofax website, the credit card inserts don't include a description about how many cards they comfortably hold (allowing for quick retrieval and return to the wallet). Can you slide in cards on both sides or the front only...meaning are there 2 pockets or 4 pockets total in the credit card inserts? I'm considering using the Chameleon pocket as a wallet only (no diary, etc.), so I can carry all my cards in it...health cards for the family, customer "loyalty" cards, gift cards, etc. At the moment, I am not sure know how many to order to accommodate everything. Thanks!

    1. For the pocketsize - the creditcard holders take 4 cards:2 on each side.You can also fit 2 creditcards in each cardslot of the pocket Chameleon,sooooo...it has 5 slots ;o)

    2. Thanks, Chrissie! That helps tremendously.

  14. I am currently using the Pocket size Osterley and it does have the full width back pocket.

  15. I just received the mini Metropol and it has a full width wallet pocket. Some of the online suppliers showed a diagram with the wallet pocket and some without so I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't really want the wallet pocket in this mini (or lots of card slots or a zipper pocket) so that is why I ordered the Metropol vs. a leather one. But I can live with it; doesn't seem to be too bulky.

  16. Hi Everyone.
    Sorry I've been off line today, travelling up through France and then crossing the channel back to UK... but we have arrived at the cottage we rent which feels like a second home now!

    Thank you for all the feedback as usual. Yes please edit the Google Doc file with any additional information you have on other models. That's the reason I created it so we can have a common source of info that we can easily up date with other models, older models, and new ones... when they come out!

    I will be gradually be getting back up to speed again in the next 24 hours thanks for your patience.


  17. The Deco pocket (unlisted on the chart) does Not have a long horizontal wallet sleeve on it, for bills.

  18. I've been using a pocket chameleon as my wallet for a while now and it's absolutely perfect. I have a budgeting system inside for my receipts that I made out of the top-loading clear envelopes. It's helped keep my finances really organized.

  19. In the 90s I used a Filofax Mini (can't remember the model name) as a wallet for years - wallet, address book, diary, notes, London map all fitting easily in the back pocket. However, getting a Psion Organiser for work I eventually dropped the Filofax.

    Recently I downsized from an A4 Mind Map diary to a slimline filofax (Guildford), which I use as a wallet, GTD organiser, notebook and diary. It fits most jacket pockets and, since I rationalised my cards, works well as a wallet.

  20. I've been using an M2 as a wallet for a few months now. In addition to the three card slots, there's a pocket that can easy take another four cards, and the zipped compartment is actually big enough to carry three more.

    And of course, there's the added benefit that it actually looks like a wallet, rather than a "chique accessory, which is great for us blokes.

  21. Thanks for a really useful post, Steve :)
    I've used both a mini Finsbury & Classic as a wallet & diary before, but stopped using them as I found it was too fiddly retrieving change from the zip pocket. I use my personal as my wallet when abroad, which works really well.

    I admit I have a little fantasy of using a pocket as my sole binder & wallet, but I've never given it a go. It really appeals to the minimalist in me, but I don't know if I'd be able to fit everything in?
    Is there anyone who's tried this or does this??

    1. Read my guestblog (or on my own blog) "A pocket full of life". Have fun!

  22. I'd love to try an M2 as a wallet. J'adore mon Mini Finchley, but the M2 seems like a much more natural wallet shape.

  23. A little late to the party, but my Mini red Denim has a full size back Pocket.

  24. I have a pocket guilgford, and it has a wallet pocket.

  25. I have referred to this page many many times, it's so useful. Thank you for taking the time to make it

  26. I can understand using the wallet pocket for banknotes on a small Filofax, but what is the purpose on an A5 binder?

    1. An A5 with the full width back pocket will hold full size A4 pages that you don't want to punch/fold etc and put them on your rings. They might be documents you are passing on to a colleague or a booking form or similar that you need to get out of your organiser quickly at a reception desk or similar.