09 March 2013

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Here are the latest Filofax blog posts we have discovered from around the internet:
  1. The Tour – Part 3 - This Little Life of Mine
  2. Filofax and possible Midori sighting on Nashville - Plannerisms
  3. Planning as Meditation - Quo Vadis Blog
  4. Pimp my Filofax :-) - Inspiration of a Butterfly 
  5. A Cheerful End to a Stressful Day - LJ's Blog of Stuff 
  6. 20SB Postcard Exchange - Said the Cat
  7. What’s On Your To-Do List? Everything or Just Extras? - Homemakers Daily
  8. When did my Filofax work best for me? - Plannerisms
  9. Ask Jeff: What Type of Planner Should I Use? - Day Timer Blog
  10. The Filofax Circl ble New Filofax Inserts! - The Crazy Life of J
  11. What I use in my Filofax; Filofax decoration - My Filo World
  12. Filomaniac fragt... Flo - Filomaniac
  13. What Type of Planner Are You? - Austin Linda Rides Again!
  14. Hello Cherry! - Leesh - World of Wonders
  15. Another Addition to My Filofax Family (: - Live Love Organise 
  16. Planner Tour- Filofax Apex Personal - Living the Good Life
  17. Guess who's on YouTube! - Behind my Purpley Life
  18. A Filofax Secret - Renew Your Space
  19. Mulberry Madness - Inspiration of a Butterfly 
  20. Attaboy, Staples! - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  21. What I use in my Filofax; Filofax decoration - My Filo World
  22. Using A Vertical Week on Two Pages Diary - Lily, Actually
  23. Using a Filofax in a Digital World - This Little Life of Mine
  24. Worldwide giveaway: French Filofax 2013 weekly inserts - Plannerisms
  25. My Spring Break Carry-On Bag - This Teen Life
  26. Making friends with a Filofax - Lancashire Cat
  27. making your planner system work for you - Paper Lovestory 
  28. Day-Timer Malibu Planner: Thoughts & Quick Review - Friday, I'm in Love 
  29. Balmoral A5 update - Chrissie's Universe
  30. Love at first sight - Addicted to Filofaxes
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  1. I have a quick question.
    I have an organiser from Paperchase, and the plate that attaches to the binder seems a bit loose.
    Is it possible to tighten these or will it be okay?
    Thanks guys!