11 December 2013

Dallas Meet Up - February 2nd 2014

It has recently come to light that we have a cluster of Philofaxers in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth/etc. area!

Clearly, we need to have a meetup so we can discuss our love of planners with like-minded people in person, and give our bemused significant others/friends/etc. a break ;)

So here is a tentative plan...

When: Sunday, February 2nd, at 2pm

Where: The Galleria. 

It holds Paradise Pen, one of the few stores in the area which sells Filofaxes, and Corner Bakery and its decently-sized sitting area happen to be right next to it. And of course, as it's the Galleria, there are quite a few other eating places and shops to choose from!

Please email me at bluebonnetreads at gmail dot com if you are interested in participating, or helping to plan, etc!!

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