23 December 2013

Filofax Print to File Software (USA only)

I'm grateful to Filofax USA who sent me a trial version of their Print to File software.

This software lets you print 'regular' documents out on to Filofax size page formats easily. It is intended to be used with their own A4 or Letter size computer pre-preforated and punched pages, but it will work with regular plain paper too which you can then cut and punch yourself.

The software will only work with Microsoft Windows machines, but it works with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4, 2003, XP, Vista and Vista 64 bit. It reads like 'All my yesterdays' of computer operating systems. I tested it on Windows XP, I don't have anything newer than XP so I can't vouch for it working on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1

The software once installed adds an extra 'printer' to your set up which you then print to from any application. This new Filofax Printer then in turn formats the output to the correct format for the Filofax page size and format and then prints this on to the printer you have set up from within the software.

Once set up it is fairly easy to use. You can also save files to disc for future reprints as well.

The software can handle double sided printing too, so you can maximise the amount of text etc that ends up on your Filofax pages.

As the software supports both Letter size and A4 size paper, I don't understand why this software isn't available on the Filofax UK website for purchase? I'm unable to purchase it legitimately from Filofax USA because my credit card billing address isn't in the USA.

During the short trial period I was able to do a few 'test prints' which all worked flawlessly, but they all get a 'Trial Version' footer added to the bottom of each page.

So if you are struggling with printing your own pages from Word or Excel for your Filofax organiser, this is a great solution... assuming you use Windows of course... and you are in the USA.

Here is a link to the website to purchase a full copy.


  1. Is there currently a template for printing onto the prepunched, pre-perforated personal size paper? Im scared of using the sheets i got last year in case i mess it up completely!

  2. and I'm thinking people still own computers with windows 95......

    1. Far less chance of a virus or malware on Windows 95! A bit clunky though! I set up a machine with Windows 3.11 just for the hell of it a few months ago. Boy does that work fast on a decent machine!

    2. My first computer was a windows 2, something..... I miss them... However the computer that had the windows millennium died two/three years... I guess the software lasts a lot longer than the hardware...

  3. I hope this is soon available in the UK. It looks good.

  4. Woohoot!! Well done Filofax for reaching the 21st Century!! Hope it soon reaches the UK, and works on older systems like Windows XP. Does the A4 version reduce down and print in A5 I wonder? Well done Filofax... the beginning of bespoke inserts!!

  5. Replies
    1. I don't think it works with Windows 8 even though I spoke to their tech support who sounded unsure.

  6. Ignores mac users completely of course.
    Steve, can you see from Analytics what percentage of Philofaxy readers are using mac devices?

    1. OK a very quick and simple calculation based on visitor figures from 1 September 2009 to the end of November 2013 sample size 1.8 million visits. The percentages are as follows:
      Windows 49.49%
      Mac 22.29%
      iOS (iPad/iPhone) 20.70%
      Android 5.12%
      Linux 1.16%
      Other (iPod, Blackberry, Symbian, Playstation etc) 1.24%

      The Windows population is declining though in terms of their share over time, iOS is climbing and has always been higher than Android over that period, so Android might be popular in terms of numbers sold, but in terms of the numbers in use by our readers they aren't popular!

      Seems to support the theory about iOS being the more user friendly interface to use!

      I've not looked at the breakdown of page views against OS, that would be also an interesting comparison to do in terms of stamina of viewing more pages by OS.

      But using the same sample size the division of browsers comes out as follows:
      Safari 34.57%
      Chrome 19.95%
      Firefox 18.99%
      IE 18.15%
      Other 8.35%

      So again supporting the notion that our readers are more tech savvy than you might otherwise think!

  7. So how is this software different from prior versions? I bought the software several years back but very rarely used, and actually asked for it for this Christmas so this review is perfect for me Steve.

    1. Given it's long length of MS OS's it works with I don't think this is an updated version per se Windows 95... that's nearly 20 years old! Windows 7 is missing likewise Windows 8, I can't test either of those. My XP machines are gradually disappearing too, they are becoming Ubuntu Linux boxes, less resource hungry and therefore faster!

  8. Reading this post I started another attempt to install my copy of Print-To-File on Windows 8 - unfortunately it seems not to work.

    The Print-To-File Software is a special edition of BlueSquirrel ClickBook, which is available for Windows and Mac - costs: $ 49.95 each:


    You can acquire a free demo copy via BlueSquirrel's website. I did not try it on Windows 8 so far.

    1. That's interesting, at least there is a Mac version! The Address Book Software is also a badge engineered version of another application which has been customised for Filofax, I forget the name of that one. The clue was in the Help file if I remember correctly.

    2. I just did a successful printout for the Filofax pre-perforated Personal-on-A4 paper format using ClickBook 14 on Windows 8.1.

      Nevertheless I would love to see the Filofax Print-To-File software working for half the price.

  9. Just wondering if there's a way you could do "Run as...XP/Win2K/etc" in Windows 7 and 8? A friend told me you could run old Windows games on Windows 7 that way but I never tried it.

    1. That would work, except it runs in the background as a printer driver more or less, so I don't think you can use the 'Run as' syntax in this case.

    2. The installation of PTF just seems to walk through, but in the end there is some small thing: If you are about to send a print job to the Filofax Printer, the paper size says 0mm x 0mm, and any attempt to print ends in the computer doing nothing. I think there is nothing to be printed on this non-existing area...