24 December 2013

Web Finds - 24 December 2013

It was the night before Christmas, and all the children were so excited they didn't want to go to sleep.... but you know what happens if you are still awake when Santa comes down the chimney......

So to keep you away from the Christmas TV and the sherry bottle, here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax... Mulberry... Filofax... Mulberry? - Paper Pens Ink
  2. A New Year's Resolution - My return to paper based productivity. - Filofax filosophy 
  3. How I created a time map, and some notes about thinking about... - Joshua LaPorte
  4. 10 More ADHD/ADD Organizing Strategies That Work For Everyone - Homemakers Daily
  5. 5 Ways to Make Your Goals Stick - Day Timer Blog
  6. David Allen of GTD on Rhodia - Rhodia Drive
  7. Ink links - The Pen Addict
  8. Vintage Gillio - Gigliodoro - Seelen Zucker
  9. Let's start a no gadget day in 2014 - ZD Net << Not a problem for Filofax users!
  10. Another Mulberry... - Paper Pens Ink
  11. What is Saffiano leather? - This Bugs Life
  12. How I Use my Week on Two pages - The Filofax Lifestyle
  13. Checking Off Your Lists: A How-To Guide - Giftie Etcetera
  14. The Overstuffing Dilemma - The Contemplative Belle
  15. My Review Monday: Violet Temperley - My Purpley Life
  16. My planner for 2014 - Deligted
  17. A Filofax Christmas Wish - Roses in December
  18. Web Links #51 & Sneak Peeks of My Upcoming Year - The Contemplative Belle
  19. Merry Christmas from Kent from Oz! - Filofaxuations
  20. Weihnachtswichteln im Filofax-Forum - Seelen Zucker
  21. Time management Mondays: Are you a last-minute holiday shopper? - Quo Vadis Blog
  22. In my Filofax Personal size again! - My FiloWorld
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Here are the 'My Week' posts.
  1. My Week: 16-22 November 2013 - Hope Skip Jump
  2. My week #88 - Paper Lovestory
  3. My Filofax Week #51 - My Purpley Life
  4. My Week #51 - Ink - Stickers - Notebooks
  5. My Week # 5 - Break of Light
  6. Filofax: Week 51 - Crafty Island Girl
  7. My Filofax Week 40 - Roses in December
  8. My week #51 - She's Eclectic
  9. Week 51– Life Mapping Weekly Chit Chat - DiY Fish
  10. My Week #51 - Life of Kitty
  11. my week #25 - Coffee and Stationery
And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. 2013 franklin covey, filofax, mo2p, wo2p, dpp, wo1 - sandrajohn27
  2. Setup of my Gillio Compagna in Dark Brown - Ramblin Mom
  3. My planner toolbar - katebtps
  4. Compact Saffiano Filofax - sandrajohn27
  5. My Review Monday: Temperley Filofax - My Purpley Life
  6. Filofax Decoration w.52 - adamsfilo
  7. Filofax Collection - Stamping Songbird
  8. My 2014 goals! - Joshua LaPorte
  9. Josh's 2014 Accountability Project - Joshua LaPorte
  10. My 2014 Filofax setup in the Winchester - Joshua LaPorte
  11. A Look Inside my new Purple Malden Filofax! - JustaGirlTV
  12. My Filofax Organization- Holborn Zip! - Earth2Angie
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Enjoy and have a Happy Christmas... there will be posts tomorrow, they are already scheduled to go!

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  1. I thought you were gonna say, children still up, get an APEX!!!!! Bahahahahahaha