28 December 2013

Web Finds - 28 December 2013

So I hope you all had an excellent Christmas. Time now to sit down with a slice of Christmas cake or some mince pies and read the latest posts and watch some videos.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Wichteln im Filofax-Forum - Filo-Manie
  2. Planner Status, looking forward to 2014 - Penguin Girl
  3. Zen-To-Done update - Cloudberry Musings
  4. Quick Answers...Planners...Which One & Why? - The Contemplative Belle
  5. Franklin Covey vs. Filofax: An Important Difference - Homemakers Daily
  6. Zen-To-Done 5: Simple Trusted System - Cloudberry Musings
  7. Organisers and notebooks on the Christmas Sales - This Bugs Life
  8. Make your own sticky Post It notes for your Filofax planner - Shabby Beautiful Scrapbooking
  9. Final Planner Preparations for the New Year - The Contemplative Belle
  10. Zen-To Done 6: Organise - Cloudberry Musings
  11. How many LMI V02 months am I able to keep in my FILOFAX? - DiY Fish
  12. Filofax stickers and hole reinforcers - This Bugs Life
  13. My To Do Lists - Roses in December 
  14. Free For All Friday No. 16: Capturing on Paper vs. Digitally - Plannerisms
  15. Zen-To-Done 7: Review - Cloudberry Musings
  16. Review: Plannerisms planner - Paper Lovestory
  17. Getting ready for 2014 - Paper Pens Ink
  18. Boyfriends and Buckles: My First Leather Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  19. Zen-To-Done 8: Simplify - Cloudberry Musings
  20. Washi- Paper Printables - Incarnations of Organization
  21. Lovely leather! - Life of Kitty
  22. Prepping for 2014 - Clarifilo
  23. Another Change Of Direction With Dividers - Roses in December
  24. Future Planning - Giftie Etcetera 
  25. Family Portrait  - Thoughts and Exploration
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Here are the 'My Week' posts.
  1. My Week #8 - Addicted to Stationery
  2. Week 51 After Shots - Carie Harling
  3. Week 52 Before Shots - Carie Harling
  4. My Week #52 Layout - Just a Girl.... Atlanta
  5. Project Life: Week 44 - Hello, I'm a Paper Addict
And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. My Purpley Life's Christmas Special 2013 - My Purpley Life
  2. Video! A Look Inside my new Purple Malden Filofax! - Just a Girl... Atlanta
  3. Filofax Pocket Luxe December/Holiday 2013 Set-Up - The Glossette
  4. Filofax Inserts for 2014 (from Piaric) - AKCaraboo
  5. Medium Croco Blue Companga - Alice Photis
  6. My Color Coding System - Julia Jules
  7. Filofax Week 52 Decoration Tutorial - SugarPandax3
  8. My Franklin Quest Compact Binder and Pages for 2014 - Sharon Korkes
  9. My NEW planner share! - Nadine Mixed Plate
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