25 December 2013

Philofaxy Christmas Crossword - 2013

So just a little bit of Christmas fun, no time limits no competition. Just enjoyment. All the answers are Philofaxy or Filofax related and an answer grid will be made available if you need one.

You can download the file here, print it out and fill it in between mince pies, glasses of wine and the odd bit of chocolate.

5. Secure closure
6. Filofax/Letts home
8. Place to store your pen
9. Diary insert
10. Charity supported by Philofaxy
14. For the love of Filofax
16. Royal residence in London
17. Old 3 ring mini size model
18. Cigar
20. Once a month Skype chat
22. An organiser with three sets of rings
24. Was four rings now six rings
25. Long distance Philofaxy traveller
28. Tuesdays and Saturdays on Philofaxy
30. Filofax note book
1. Young upwardly mobile
2. Royal house in Scotland
3. The Italian Job
4. Cuts holes in paper
7. What you should use to open your rings
11. Rifle
12. Lizard that can change colour
13. Holborn colour
15. London N3
19. The biggest Filofax size
21. Stop on the underground on the way to Heathrow
23. English county model
26. Malden Leather
27. Holds the paper in your organiser
29. Philofaxy contributor

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