31 December 2013

Free For All Tuesday - No. 152

Tuesdays are your chance to ask any Filofax related questions you might have.

So fire away and we will collectively try to answer your questions or offer opinions.

Wishing you all the best for 2014,


  1. Yesterday it was so nice to see the start of my 2014 inserts at last. I have started sorting through my 2013 inserts (A5 and Personal) to archive them. I need to go through them to capture any tasks in the last month or so that have got overlooked before they disappear in to my archive box!

    It's not often I have to refer back to them, but it is not unknown to have to dig them out to confirm travel dates for UK HMRC when they ask how many days we spent in UK in a particular year for taxation purposes.

  2. I've spent yesterday, and aim to spend much of today, sorting out and finalising my setup for 2014, and after a lot of consideration I'm now down to two basic options as follows:-

    1. Filofax Hampstead with Wo2P white landscape appointments diary, standard 6-part divider set. Overall I feel as if I'm falling out of love with GTD a bit, or at least am getting stale and ready for a change, so something different will reinvigorate, I hope.

    2. Quo Vadis 'Minister' desk diary plus Rhodia tablet for lists, a small pocket Moleskine diary to carry when out, and a small Moleskin 'cahier' or Muji 'passport' notebook for capturing thoughts and things 'on the fly'.

    Advantage of 1. above is the usual and obvious all-in-one-place benefit, which always seems to sucker me in eventually! Advantage of 2. is that I *love* the feel of fountain pen on Rhodia (Clarefontaine) paper, and I just can't abide the feathering, show-through and bleed-through I get when I attempt it on FF paper - truly awful. I know I'd have to 'reconcile' the two diaries, but it might be worth trading off for the paper quality issue. Second advantage of 2. is that the QV Minister diary affords me a *lot* more page space, even in a Wo2P format.

    We'll see how all of this pans out! I'm aiming to start work on Thursday with the whole thing settled and set up, because January is the accountants' 'mad month' and I really can't afford to be tinkering again until it's over. I'll keep you posted. Moving away from the one-organiser Filofax solution would be a huge deal for me, and I think I'd have to make one of those 'this is how it's going to be for x amount of time no matter what may happen' decisions. Come to that, maybe I need to make a few more of those anyway!

    I'm amazed and not a bit ashamed at the quantity of Filofax refills I have lying around....I really have way too much of this stuff. Offered my Cuban to my daughter yesterday (bless her, she is *so* disorganised!) but she said that although she's slowly learning her diary management, she 'doesn't feel ready for a full Filofax as yet'. I might put it on eBay, but I've never actually sold anything on there - only bought! Having all that quantity of FF paper just doing nothing is another factor, I now realise, which brings me back to FF....but then I buy *more* refills - AARRGGHH!

    A very happy New Year to you all, and thank you for your ideas, comments and friendship throughout 2013.

  3. how many people have you converted to paper planning this year?

    1. I haven't really set out to 'convert' anyone................paper is my choice, and it works for me. I've trialled a wide range of digital apps and combinations, without finding anything which works as well for me.

    2. Three. Two adult nieces to ARC, and one 13 year old niece to Filofax. I tried to start her out with a B and N Punctuate planner, but she wouldn't have it, so I gave her my old Cuban

  4. I have a few planner reorganization ideas up my sleeve...I can't wait to get started on them tomorrow!

    On another note, not really Filofax related, but Philofaxy community related:
    Those of you that have your own blogs -- for those posts that are truncated in feed readers (such as Feedly), I am seeing some posts with notes at the end of the truncation to click onto the blog itself to read the post in its entirety (something like "click here to read the entire post." How did you get that message to appear? I have allowed only the first few lines to appear in readers (initially that bothered me, to make people click over to my blog to read an entire post, but I also see the value in that for statistical purposes as well as inviting people to actually see my blog).

    I am using Blogger, and as far as I can tell, I don't see a way to add a message like this. Do I have to have my own domain name in order to do this? Any tips are greatly appreciated.

    1. (Appologies if this isn't the appropriate place to ask.)

    2. Hi
      It depends on the set up of your RSS Feed, Full, means people will see the full post in their RSS feedreader, Short, will invoke the 'Read More' in feed readers, 'Until Jump Break' lets you insert the point at which the break appears in the feed reader when you edit the post.

      The feed settings are in your dashboard, Settings, Other settings, Site Feed, and there are separate ones for Posts, Comments, etc.

      Drop me an email if you need more help.

    3. Many other blog software and CMS allows for a "More" option. Since sometimes I find my posts are more than 3-4 paragraphs, I'll put the rest under a specific tag or cut designed by the CMS. Wordpress and Drupal allow this, but I don't think Blogger does. Another thing is the RSS clients as Steve notes.

    4. I'll look into this further based on your suggestions. Thanks to you both!

  5. As a lurker of Philofaxy rather than an active participant I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the board as I have truly enjoyed reading through the pages here. Just about to sort out my 2014 set-up in my personal Holborn. Have decided on month on 1 page diary with tabs for my monthly overviews and birthdays, key dates etc. Week on 2 pages for general weekly stuff (classes etc) and reminders plus my recently acquired Philofaxy day on 2 pages for specific daily lists and to do-s etc. Plan is full year of monthly pages with less of the other sets in the filo at any one time.

    A new transition for me but as a university lecturer and mother I want everything in one filo so think this would be a good way to organise all my lists, to dos and key events in one system. Have in 2013 used separate to-do lists etc but just don't work for me.

    Any advice/views gratefully received.

    Happy New Year!

    1. While many people seem to use multiple planners simultaneously, a core group of us consider the real beauty of the filofax system to be the ability to do everything out of one book, as you intend to do. Try it out and make adjustments as needed to make it work for your needs.

  6. Hi!
    As you might know, I haven't been using a Filofax as my planner for the last few months, I've been happily using my Midori Traveler's Notebook, and I'll be using it for 2014! I love it so much! I've been busy making my DIY (hand-made and hand-drawn) 2014 diary for my Midori, and I've been making a planner insert and other bits and bobs for 2014 too!
    As I'm not using a Filofax for my planner, I have lots of Filofaxes for other things! I use them for my hobbies, without any type of calendar insert. I use:
    A5 Ochre Malden- Egyptology research projects
    A5 De Villiers- Other Egyptology research, Egypt book inventory, Museum Studies notes, Archaeology notes
    A5 Yellow Original- Ancient Egyptian Language: Hieroglyphs/Middle Egyptian/Old Egyptian
    A5 Wine Holborn- Tudor history notes and other areas of history I'm interested in (I haven't set this up yet)
    A5 Purple Malden- Hobbies: Papercraft ideas, techniques and notes, needle/wool craft, fountain pens info, reading
    A5 Raspberry Chameleon- Papercraft practising of techniques etc (I archive these to remember what went wrong/what worked well)
    A5 Espresso Siena- Art Journal (Being more artistic is one of my 2014 resolutions)
    A5 Aqua Malden- Art practising, artistic techniques notes
    A5 Fuschia Original- Novel writing/creative writing; writing tips
    Compact Raspberry Chameleon- Craft inventory (so I don't buy duplicates when I'm shopping)

    It's quite fun to have lots of binders for my different hobbies- more beautiful leather to play with. And it's a relief to be able to use a Filofax but not to keep worrying about the set-up/diary inserts for 2014 in these filos because these aren't planners, they are just note holders/paper holders. To be truthful, I would say that if I didn't already own these binders, I wouldn't buy them for holding the notes for these hobbies, I'd just buy normal 2-ring folders, but because I do already own these Filofaxes, and I don't ever want to sell them, it's lovely to have found a use for them!
    They all stay at home on my shelf, and I pull them off when I want to do that hobby, or when I have some notes to put into them. I have a notebook that comes with me everywhere in which I write notes for everything, and I also have 2 pocket notebooks, one for my Egyptology research ideas and one for my novel ideas, so when I'm away from my Filofaxes, I write the notes in a notebook, and transfer them into my Filofaxes later!

  7. My package from eBay seller Bouteia has just arrived, and I'm the proud possessor of what appears to be a mythical beast: an object which could possibly be described as a 'slimline A5'. It's a Portobello A5, in red italian leather, with rings which I measure as 19mm internal diameter. I always thought the smallest A5 was 25mm, but this beastie - which I bought in the hope that it might be slimmer than my Pimlico (25mm) and Ascot (30mm) - has proven that to be false. It's not quite the 15mm some people have been hoping for, but it's about half the thickness of a filled Pimlico, and seems considerably lighter.

    Anyone else got one of these? I can't seem to find many references on Google... they're clearly not very common!

    1. The Boston has 20mm rings, likewise my iPad Malden case/organiser also has 20mm rings. The Adelphi also had 20mm rings.

  8. I stand corrected. I haven't come across the models you mention. I do wonder why "small" rings on a5 binders are so uncommon?

    1. Paul - you'll find that we've been arguing a for genuine A5 Slimline for several years with no satisfactory response from Filofax. I ended up making my own.

      The Adelphi was an unwieldy design and sold badly. The Boston has puffed up covers with cardboard inserts and cannot be described as slimline. It is already being discounted presumably due to poor sales. The Malden and Pennybridge iPad inserts have 20mm rings but are not proper standalone binders. The best recently has been the Luxe which is also a 20mm but only still available (in black, crimson and ebony) in a couple of countries. For some reason it was never properly launched in the UK.

      The Portobello is a new model to me. There was another 19mm ringed A5 known as The Executive available in black in 2003. I've never seen one in the flesh though.

  9. I ended up with extra personal size inserts for 2014 also but I am giving one of them to a friend. I found the insert that I wanted after looking through some old ones from a long time ago. I posted a comment on the name of it on last Friday's blog if you're interested. I want to design an insert for my A5 Boston on the computer and print it out. I made one with pen and paper and I have been using it for a specific section. Now I would like a computer version of it. Recently I have been looking for A5 paper so that I can print it after I design it. I don't know why I thought that the Filofax A5 refill size was the same size as A5 paper. Apparently it is not according to the size of the A5 paper I found. I have been teetering a bit with deciding on which binder to use as my main planner. It is between my personal planner with 1.2 inch rings and my compact Luxe. I used my Luxe this summer for a few months but then switched to the larger personal binder. Now I put the whole year of month pages and 7 months of week pages and other items in the Luxe. There is still some room.