16 December 2013

Filofax Malden iPad Sleeve

I'm finding more and more often these days that I need to use my Filofax personal organiser at the same time I'm using my iPad.

If it's not to look up user names, it is to jot some thing down or to record something in a place I can find it. Yes having multiple computers and devices that can access the internet is ok, but if you can't remember which one it was you were using to view a site, then putting it in my Filofax organiser is the one solid central point to store things... and it won't get wiped out by some sort of data corruption...

So as you know I'm a big Malden fan... cough yes that is like an admission of guilt I know! But a matching iPad sleeve... well why not..

Thank you to Ideas Network for supplying iPad sleeve review sample.

So here it is in Ochre, it is also available in Aqua. The styling is instantly recognisable as Filofax Malden. Made in vintage-look buffalo leather.

On the reverse side there is a slide in pocket which is textile lined.

The interior is lined with a suede type of material, so as to not scratch the screen or the back of your iPad or similar size tablet device.

It also comes with a dust bag

As you can see it's a perfect match for my Filofax Ochre Personal size Malden

The closure tab isn't attached to the back of the sleeve, instead it attaches to an elasticated web which when pulled eases the iPad out of the sleeve enough to be able to pull it out. It's a tight snug fit.

The pocket on the reverse side will take a standard size note book or similar size papers.

The Filofax Malden iPad sleeve is available in Ochre and Aqua for £50. If you visit the Filofax UK website they are also offering it with the Stylus Pen as a gift set. This is an excellent deal at £55. I bought the Stylus ballpoint pen recently and it's excellent for use with my iPad or iPhone.

You can also buy iPhone holders too, I bought this black one. Again the tab helps you extract the phone from the holder. Available for both the iPhone 4/4S and earlier models,  as well as the iPhone 5/5S/5C in the Sale at £24 each. These holders also take the iPod Touch as well.

Ideal presents for someone who admires your Filofax Malden... but may be can't be persuaded to use one?

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  1. They don't appeal to me, as I think they're a little expensive personally. They do look nice though!