23 June 2012

Web Finds - 23 June 2012

So it is now time to grab some light refreshment of your choice including plenty of liquid refreshment and sit and enjoy for an hour or so..... yes a long list, you can blame Gromit for that!
  1. Competition for all Philofaxy readers - Filofax Sagas.  
  2. I designed my own diary for 2013 - Paper Pens Ink
  3. review: filofax amazona almond personal - Paper Lovestory
  4. My Flex-able Friends!! - Filo Obsessed
  5. Filofax: Am I ready to go Pocket? - Vanjilla
  6. Hubby's Filofax Ranger - It's My Life 
  7. Wouldn't a collaboration between Filofax and Cath Kidston be great.... - Angel Jem's City Cottage
  8. DIY Filofax Diary Refill - Bunnies in Blazers
  9. The Thing With The Chameleon... - Vanjilla
  10. Sorry - My life in words
  11. Passport dilemma solved! - Krista's Filo
  12. your filofax week! (week #8) - Paper Lovestory
  13. The Virtual Filofax - Filomaniac
  14. My new set of Filofax dividers - My Life All in One Place
  15. A5 Zipped Holborn - The Purple Pen of Doom
  16. Finsbury Compact review and set-up - My Once Upon the Moon
  17. How To Make A Divider Pocket. - It's My Life
  18. Changes and Additions to my Mini! - Kirsten Becoming
  19. Filofax Makeup Refills - Bunnies in Blazers
  20. Oh glorious purple slimline, come to thee . . . - All Things Stationery
  21. An Embarrassment of Riches - Filebox of Filofax Inserts - Sense of Gravity
  22. Filofax and Goals/Planning!! - Filo Obsessed
  23. Flex by Filofax (First Edition) - Janas Book Look
  24. The Creativity of Getting Things Done - GTD Times 
  25. Big decisions, help! - Krista's Filo
  26. Filofax Capri Mini: Class act to be sure. - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  27. To buy or not to buy... that is the question? Pen to Paper
  28. - Belzira's corner
  29. Filofax or it didn’t happen - Josanne
  30. Filofax Week #25 - It's Just Hazel
  31. Philofaxy Web Finds for 16 June 2012 - Joseph David Quinton
  32. It started with a kiss... - Paper Pens Ink
  33. Innere Werte (2) - Filomaniac
  34. GTD sucks for creative work. Here’s an alternative system - Dave Lee
  35. Low-Key Passion: The Third Philofaxy NYC Meet-Up - Well Planned Life
  36. Mid-Year Tweak (You Knew it Was Coming…) - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  37. Review of Keel's Simple Diary - We really didn't need another filofax blog!
  38. Making photographic dividers at home for your Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  39. The Envelope System - Filofax Style - Lady Tamlynn
  40. Neuheiten 2012 (12): Boston - Filomaniac
  41. A very special gift :) - Filo Obsessed
  42. Jazzing Up My Filofax - Lady Tamlynn
  43. i love my filofax! - La BelleVita
  44. L is for… Lamys, Letters and Luckiness. - Four Words, Four Worlds
  45. A5 Chameleon - It's My Life!
  46. My ‘New’ Filofax - The PostGrad Mama
  47. making filofax notepaper pretty - Paper Lovestory
  48. Filofax – as a Personal Diary - Filofit
  49. Filofax Sale! (now for real) - Lime Tree
  50. Filofax Blog of the Week: Filo-Manie - My Life All in One Place
  51. Filofax Dilemma!!! - Filo Obsessed
  52. What is coming out when? - City Organiser (pdf file) 
  53. What’s the first thing you see when you open your Filofax? - Filofax Love
  54. Tune in to the Midwest Filofax Meetup! - The Crazy World of J
  55. Finishing while filofaxing - Girl in Maths
  56. Playing Musical Filofaxes - The Crazy Suburban Mom
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And here is this weeks Video Finds

This weeks web finds have been brought to you with the assistance of my sophisticated machine that I call Gromit. He's slightly more up to date than the character you see in the following videos...



  1. So many this week. Can't wait to sit and read them all. Way better than the news paper. Thanks Steve.

  2. Who added the line "(You really must include this one Steve)" to my post???????

  3. Just finished reading them all - and I now have a nice big list of follow up actions :o) Thanks for another great selection

  4. Thanks for adding me 4 times, wow i've been busy this week :o

    Another great list, thanks you so much for my morning's entertainment :)

  5. Woo Hoo....I love Web Finds Saturday!!!

  6. Wow that is a lot! Thanks, Steve (and Gromit!).

  7. Love your Gromit clip.... I hope England have such a clever goalie tomorrow!

  8. And can I interest you in a tin of reconstituted pork meat.... Or would that be Spam? ;-)
    Cracking list.... Kept me busy all day!

  9. Thanks for including my video and blog posts :-).

    I love the Saturday Web Finds.

  10. Cracking links, Gromit. I don't know how viable this is but is there any chance of showing whose videos these are in the post?

    1. Hi Ray
      They came off of a You Tube search, but I think the first one is Lady Tamlynn one of our regular bloggers, the other one I'm not sure about. I will go back and add the names, may be later today just off out for the afternoon.

      But I will add the names on them from now on.


  11. Hi Steve,
    Many thanks indeed for including my new blog on your list. I do look forward to reading mini-sagas from the Filofax fans! :) Take care, Barry.