24 June 2012

Filofax Holiday Essentials Challenge

Filofax UK (SlamPR) have set several bloggers a Holiday Essentials Challenge.  I have entered the challenge on behalf of Philofaxy.

In the post this week came my briefing document and three shiny new Filofax personal organisers. A Metropol, a Domino and a Swift.

With these three Filofax personal organisers I've been set the task of creating three 'mood boards' with a 'holiday essentials' theme in mind.

I've never done anything quite like this before, so there was a bit of head scratching and deep thought required as to what other items to choose to go with each organiser.

With a bit of help from Alison (the hand of Philofaxy!) we managed to make a suitable list and gather things together for me to photograph them on a suitable plain background.

I then spent most Saturday afternoon cropping the photos and assembling the three images that I need to send off to Slam PR this week. Once they have received all of the images they will be uploading them from 3rd July - 16th July on to the Filofax Facebook page for all Filofax fans to see and enjoy.

When mine are posted on Facebook, I will of course share them with you here as well... I know not everyone has a Facebook account..

And some time in the week beginning 16th July I will run a small quiz/competition to win one of the Filofax personal organisers I've used for the photo shoot. They are back in their original packing and have a full set of inserts untouched in each one.


  1. How exciting - I'm looking forward to seeing your photo's Steve - I bet they look great! Will be interesting to see the different 'takes' bloggers will have on this challenge!

  2. Cool - can't wait to see the pics :o)

  3. Very nice...I cannot wait to see your submission as well as the other submissions....I think we are in for a real visual treat!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your photos :)

  5. How cool!! Mood boards are so neat and adding Filofax to the mix just adds to the awesome of it all :)

  6. I'm certain that the picture on the right is a Swift, Sage is just the colour!

    I have a small post about my (pocket) swift on my blog!

  7. I hope I'm don't sound stupid, but am I the only one who doesn't know what a mood board is?

  8. I don't. I'm guessing it's something like a collage.

  9. That's how I've presented them! They did send us an example of one which was like a collage