25 June 2012

Nikki's home-made page marker - Guest Post

A big thank you to Nikki for sending this Guest Post in to us, you might recall her A5 Filofax that she shared with us a few months ago.

I am about to go to England for a couple of weeks, and have to move into my pocket for my travel, due to size and weight restrictions on my flight (my A5 weighs a ton!!)

But I cannot go with just ordinary pages in my pocket, I have to personalize it a bit, as much as my time will allow, or it will not feel like “home”

So whilst I was about it, I thought I would share a quick page marker I made today;

I went onto publisher, and set up an illustration I liked, and sized it to the same size as the regular pocket ruler/page marker, mirrored the image, and printed it out on ordinary A4 paper.

Then marked and cut out a piece of transparent flyleaf type acetate the same size as the page marker.

I place the acetate over the image and draw around with a pencil, and cut out my images to size as below

I then cut out the two images and l glue them onto the acetate with a glue stick. Then cut a piece of sticky back plastic , roughly the same size, and obviously double the width, mark up where the holes need to be (as I do not own a pocket hole punch so have to punch the holes individually) and proceed to ‘wrap’ the page marker in the sticky back plastic.

Then all that remains is to trim off the excess sticky film, hole punch, cut a line from the centre of the hole to the outside, trim off the corners, et voila!

A new pretty page marker

Hope you understand the instructions, I am off on holiday so any questions………..ask Steve ha ha ha

Only joking. Will be checking in. Could definitely not go 2 weeks without visiting Philofaxy, might miss something crucially important!!!!!!!

Thank you Nikki, so easy when you see it explained like that...I'm sure there will be a few people heading off now to create their own stylish page markers. 


  1. Hi Nikki! I just discovered sticky-back plastic myself and love it! It's so useful for a lot of things. Pretty bookmark!

  2. Sticky backed plastic is useful, but laminating is even quicker and easier. I made dividers and a page holder and laminated them. Most offices and school have a laminator so it's easy to do, and you don't get the creases and bubbles that can happen with SBP.
    Love the pattern, that's a very classy design. Have a good trip!

    1. I agree with Angel...laminating is the way to go. I have a small, personal heat laminator at home that was very inexpensive and works perfectly for my needs. Seems I'm always needing something laminated~I used to use sticky back plastic but more often than not would have bubbles or get a stray piece of fuzz on it or a finger print smudge..I'm not so crafty!
      Your page marker is beautiful, Nikki...love the color!

  3. Nikki, thanks for sharing & that's a great idea :)
    Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  4. Nikki, that is so beautiful!

  5. Have a wonderful holiday, Nikki. I love your marker as well as your dividers. Book of Kells if I remember correctly. You are very, very creative!

  6. Sorry...I just retread your A5 post...it is the Book of Hours...although, being Irish, I may make some dividers using The Book of Kells.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Nikki. I re-read your original post and fell in love all over again. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I'll be doing some FF tweaking! Have a lovely holiday.

  8. So pretty - love it :o)