25 November 2015

Christmas gift ideas for the dedicated organiser user.

If you have checked the date today you might have realised that 'the seasonal day of celebration' is a month away. Groan! Bah Humbug!

OK here are a few gift ideas you can suggested to your nearest and dearest if you have run out of ideas, or just treat yourself... why not!

Each is linked to Amazon via an affiliate link, if you purchase via this link then we will earn a very small commission from these purchases. This commission goes to our annual donation to Chimwemwe the children's charity.

Paper - The 'food' of any organiser here in A5, A4 (USA) and A4 (UK)

Paper Punch - The Rapesco is a great punch for Mini, Pocket, A6, Personal size and with some care you can use it for A5 too. We have also found a great A5 punch too, this also does all the smaller sizes too.

Hole Reinforcing Tool - I've found these little gadgets great to reinforce my pages in my organiser and they are very easy to apply and get the rings centralised perfectly every time.

Pens - Without pens your paper will remain blank!

Index tabs - these are great if you are creating your own dividers and you want the tabs to look neat.

Label Makers - Useful for labelling archives and dividers and numerous other things around the house.

Happy shopping.


  1. This list of "Christmas gift ideas" brought a morning :) Happy Holidays to the Philofaxy team, Chimwemwe and Amanda, and fellow readers!

  2. Also gift cards to their favorite office supply and stationary stores!


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