03 November 2015

Free For All Tuesday No. 248


  1. We'd speculated previously in this forum about what had happened to the "Yard O Led" range of pencils and pens.

    I just noticed on the Filofax UK site that they have disappeared, and then found some news on what I think is a new web site www.yard-o-led.co.uk.

    "2015: Imperial Yard Limited acquires the atelier, trade and intellectual property of Yard-O-Led, Sampson Mordan, Edward Baker, LF Brenner and other historic writing instrument pioneers. Tim Tufnell accepts the role of Honorary President."

    1. You can buy Yard-o-Led at The Pen Shop (http://www.penshop.co.uk/products/yard-o-led/ but better to use the link in the sidebar to earn commission)
      and also at The Writing Desk (http://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/yardoled.php).
      I was only vaguely aware of a connection with Filofax!

    2. Yes Amanda - as you probably saw on the new site, the Filofax Group had owned Yard O Led since 1988. They are based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, which is a great place to visit incidentally. Readers here will probably be particularly attracted by the Pen Museum. It would be a great port of call as part of a Philofaxy meet up!

    3. I notice that Robin Field is listed as the Director of Imperial Yard Limited.
      According to Kevin Hall's much loved chronology, a Robin Field was in charge of Filofax in 1998.

    4. It will be the same Robin Field. He will have been a director of Yard-O-Led Limited when it was wholly owned by Filofax Group.


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