15 November 2015

When I started..... by Steve

I was a little stuck for a post for today, so I thought I would replay my first post! It isn't a master piece, but I have fond memories of that first post from June 2009. 

Filofax on eBay, it pays to be patient 

Well it took me a few attempts to get the right bargain for a Filofax Finsbury on eBay, but it was worth the wait. Some were selling for more than you could buy them for on normal mail order from a variety of UK office suppliers. So I limited my maximum bid each time. Wise advice from my son... it's easy to get carried away close to the auction deadline.

So I have added a new Finsbury to my collection, I paid £26 for it, this compares to £44 on the Filofax UK site.

Another bargain I bagged on the way was a Filofax pocket metal punch and pocket storage binder for a total price of £5.19 for the two items. The storage binder on the Filofax site is £8.50, the punch £26, so I was very pleased with those two.

So I now have a nice new black Finsbury with 2009 fill. I will be moving some of my pages from my old Winchester personal across in to the Finsbury, but at the moment I'm just enjoying it's newness!! I don't want to snap the cellophane wrapper on the pages just yet... well not until I've taken some photographs of it tomorrow when my camera will be back from having a sensor and mirror box clean.

So take a look at eBay for Filofax binders and accessories, but don't get carried away.

What bargains have you managed to bag on line?

I later sold the Finsbury, but I still have the pocket punch, I mainly use it to punch my Philofaxy business cards! 


  1. This is great! I love being reminded of where it all began. :)

  2. Walk down memory lane. :)
    I just bought a Finsbury. It would seem, it's one of the few models that have stuck around for a very long time.


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