30 November 2015

Readers Favourite Organiser

The 'Reader Under The Spotlight' and 'Experienced User' features on Philofaxy having been running for a while now, the former has been running for over 5 years, but it's getting harder and hard to find new people willing to volunteer. We will keep those two open for people to volunteer for in future.

Today I would like to announce a new series 'Readers Favourite Organiser' I've come up with five simple questions, so it shouldn't take you very long to go through them and answer them by hitting reply on the email. Then adding a couple of photos. You can even do it on your phone.. and do the photos too... How hard can it be?

It doesn't matter if your favourite organiser is a no-name organiser that you found in a thrift store.... or one costing a gazillion pounds/dollars/euros. It can be any brand.... Filofax, Van der Spek, Gillio, Kate Spade, etc etc etc. Or one you made yourself... 

We want to know which is your own personal favourite and why.... we won't ask you how much you paid for it... that is non-essential information... Or how many others you own... 

Steve... we said only one favourite!

Want to take part? I hope so.... email steve@philofaxy.com and put 'Favourite' in to the subject of your email. 


  1. How do you volunteer for the Reader Spotlight post? I'd like to participate if you're in need.

  2. Just email me at the same address


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